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7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Strategies Fail

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Why Digital Marketing Strategies Fail

7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Strategies Fail

Do you ever wonder why failures keep entering your room despite putting in a lot of effort to make your digital marketing strategies work? If yes, why not skip all the stumbling blocks and go right for the tried-and-true formula? After all, you don’t deserve to settle for unsatisfactory results. 

Therefore, in this article, we’ll uncover the most common reasons why digital marketing strategies fail, as well as how to avoid them.

So let’s get started 

Lack of a well-defined strategy

Most marketers and concerned team members believe that we will surely excel if we do a little of this and a little of that. However, measuring nothing and spending a lot of money isn’t worth it for this approach. As a result, the most common and most significant mistake that many marketers and small business owners make is a lack of a well-defined strategy. And this lack of a well-defined strategy is one of the most important reasons for digital marketing failure.

Lack of a well-defined strategy

When we say well-defined strategy, we mean “prioritize strategy over tactics when it comes to long-term planning and most importantly, don’t try to be in every communication channel; instead, concentrate on the ones that are most relevant and appropriate for your company and will yield the best results.”

In other words, document your strategy and have a clear understanding of the next steps you’ll take. It is the only way to ensure that your digital marketing strategies are consistent and focused. 

Not paying attention to your customers

When was the last time you spoke with a customer? When was the last time you contacted a customer to learn more about their lives and businesses? If you’re not doing this consistently, then you know one more reason why digital marketing strategies fail, and also you need to take a look at the statistics:

Not paying attention to your customers

According to a Forbes survey, brands that provide exceptional customer service generate 5.7 times more income than competitors who fall short. Furthermore, customer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable than non-customer-centric businesses.

So, it’s essential to maintain contact with your clientele at all times. Learn about their problems and requirements. You must comprehend them to tailor your digital marketing messaging and efforts to attract the proper people or businesses.

Neglecting the importance of content throughout the customer journey

Quality content is much needed in digital marketing campaigns; this means it should serve a purpose. Lacking a regular flow of quality content will not let you achieve any traction in campaigns and will fail digital marketing campaigns.

Neglecting the importance of content throughout the customer journey

Most importantly, the content should be in a systematic way following every stage of the customer journey to avoid digital marketing strategy failure. This means it should go from awareness, consideration, purchasing, retention to advocacy. Let’s be clear about each stage. 

  • At the awareness stage, the target audience figured out the problem, and they looked to read more precise content, hence putting content like blog posts to solve the broad question. 
  • Moving towards the consideration stage, they understand the problem and are looking for solutions. So what you need to do is simply put content solving all their problems. 
  • They are ready to make a purchase at the purchasing stage, so the content should quickly reach their minds.
  • When it comes to retention, personalized content will show how eagerly you’re there for them to offer services that make their lives better.
  • Finally, in the advocate stage, focus on creating engaging articles and videos. 

And yes, don’t forget to target it to the right audience for maximum effect. Crafting content with the entire customer journey in mind will help you achieve good digital marketing results.

Failing to share and promote on different channels

You created the content, so what’s next? Did you pay attention to its promotion, or did you wrap up simply posting that on your blog? If you are simply wrapping it all on one channel, then you’re not doing it right. 

Failing to share and promote on different channels

According to the Hubspot report of 2020, nearly 40% of marketers indicate content marketing is a crucial part of their all-around marketing strategy. So, why not invest in an overall content marketing strategy. Lack of promoting what you create on other channels results in failure.

Hence, you need to invest time in other channels too. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are a few great channels where you can share and promote your content. But relying only on organic growth won’t do justice with promotion. Hence, we suggest investing in social paid advertising also, as while you wait for your long-term organic search strategy to take effect, you can rest assured that your content is reaching the right audience at the right time.

Technology team taking digital marketing decisions alone

Technology is essential as it supports marketing functions. However, the technology team should handle digital marketing campaigns because they may be aware of the technology. Still, digital marketing campaigns are broader concepts that require knowledge of key strategies, consumer behavior, and the market. 

Technology team taking digital marketing decisions alone

You will struggle to meet your annual business goals if you do not have digital marketing professionals who understand how all of the main elements of digital marketing work together to provide you with the capability and opportunity to succeed.

Strategic digital marketing partner, sales, and technology teams must collaborate and follow a more integrated and consistent technique and procedure. 

Overlooking the Competitors

Putting a lot of effort and implementing various digital marketing strategies still not getting the desired results. Did you take the time to do a competitor analysis? If not, you will face roadblocks because overlooking your competitors, especially the immediate competitors, doesn’t make sense. 

Overlooking the Competitors

Why? Because if you don’t take the time to analyze your competitors’ digital marketing strategy, you won’t know who you’re up against. Understanding your competitors’ strategies will not help you determine what your strategy should be. However, it clarifies what it should not be. Hence you need to wider the lens for the competitors so that you never miss out on opportunities to progress 

Failing to Keep Track of KPIs

Effective KPIs are critical criteria for ensuring that any business target is reached. It’s impossible to overstate the relevance of KPIs as they are more than just figures you put out on a weekly basis. They help you analyze the performance and health of your digital marketing campaigns so you can make essential modifications to your execution to meet your strategic objectives. 

Failing to Keep Track of KPIs

But, many businesses do not even create online marketing KPIs, despite their relevance. And some of those who do check them don’t do it regularly enough to make a difference. And you won’t be surprised to know that many companies have no idea what they’re looking for in a digital marketing KPI.

Hence, before you invest in any marketing methods, it’s essential to define your KPIs and ensure that they are measurable and actionable, directly related to your company’s primary growth objectives, and applied across the entire business. Further, keeping track of your KPIs once you’ve established them is essential.



Staying focused and considering all the aspects may not be easy, but it’s imperative to create a thriving digital marketing strategy. Overall, you need to consider all the points mentioned above to avoid failures in digital marketing strategies, as you will feel more confident in your ability to accomplish and evaluate your marketing goals.

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