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Ascent is one of the best programmatic marketing agencies in India, reaching the right audience with the right content at the right time in the right place.
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Ascent : Engaging Client's Key Customers with Programmatic Marketing Services

Ascent’s programmatic marketing expertise enables your company to identify the most appropriate digital media available to achieve optimum results in your business. Our programmatic digital advertising campaign strategists help you target your marketing campaigns to the right audiences by applying multiple strategies, including audience targeting, retargeting, niche targeting, and more. Our internal team executes complex strategies for you and guides you through the intricacies of programmatic.
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Benefits of Programmatic
Marketing Services

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Enables you to target a specific audience

It’s a powerful way to market because you can deduce what content resonates with your audience.
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Enables you to set goals

There should always be a purpose to putting advertisements for conversion. You can’t simply put up advertisements for this, thinking that people will convert. Hence, programmatic marketing enables you to set goals, and these goals should be specific ones.

Versatile to fit on different mediums

One of the most advantageous options is using programmatic marketing on different mediums like desktops, videos, mobile, or apps.

Facilitates you to pay for relevant impressions

The best part about programmatic marketing is that you only pay for the number of impressions you want to receive.

Our Approach


Targeting People Based on Client's Goals

Once we know your goal, we can target specific people who can help you achieve it. Because of its flexibility to specify various targets, our programmatic marketing strategy is a flexible option for smart digital marketing.
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Assisting in gaining a better ROI


Assisting in Gaining a Better ROI

We assist you in identifying the most appropriate digital media available to help you achieve your campaign goals and paying for the relevant impressions without wasting more money, resulting in conversion and better ROI for your business.


Creating a Better
User Experience

We can see what content positively impacts your audience by targeting your exact audience. This technique helps us create a better user experience since we employ targeted ads to reach audiences who are more likely to click on your ads.
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Tailoring Ads to
Suitable Mediums

We tailor your ads to the medium that fits best. For example, suppose we know that a more significant proportion of your target market will conduct searches and browse on mobile. In that case, we will tailor your advertisements to help you reach people via the mobile medium.

Programmatic Marketing Services

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Programmatic Research

Ascent will gather as much information as possible on your target demographic, market competitors, and the product relevancy of your brand with people.

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Programmatic Ads Optimization

Ascent's programmatic technologies and experience make it clear to understand the gaps in content and data segregation, allowing us to build on the audience's similarities.

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Programmatic Media Buying

We use automated technology to buy ads for our client's business in three types of programmatic media buying - real-time bidding, private marketplace, and programmatic direct.

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Programmatic Advertising

We, as a programmatic advertising agency, buy digital advertising with software that uses online display targeting and traffic data to increase impressions and improve ROI. We understand your market, define programmatic ad targets, and keep the human touch in mind while keeping an eye out for fraud and keeping your brand away from fake news.

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Programmatic Native Advertising

We can also provide programmatic native advertisements to the same audience as the rest of your campaign. When your target consumers visit millions of premium publishers' websites or apps, these ads are immediately sent to them.

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Programmatic Display Advertising

We buy and sell banner advertising that appears on certain parts of social media platforms, websites, mobile apps, or other online advertising platforms. Due to their programmatic placement, these banner advertisements are individualized and highly targeted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is programmatic marketing?
The automation of marketing initiatives is known as programmatic marketing. It entails the development of content, which enables deliverables to be put together and repurposed to match the needs of particular delivery platforms and audiences, as well as programmatic advertising, which allows ads to be bought and dynamically placed on websites or in applications.
What are the benefits of programmatic marketing?
Programmatic marketing is suitable for large and small organizations because it is entirely scalable in terms of the amount spent on ad campaigns. Because the market for publishers is so vastly larger than any other, it gives marketers a huge reach. For advertisers, it offers transparency that gives them complete control over their campaigns. Marketers can track which websites are hosting their ads, the audiences that are viewing them, and the ROI of their campaigns. Programmatic advertising uses real-time data application and analysis, and marketers get real-time access to this data. As a result, they can make decisions quickly, adjust campaigns as needed, and assess them as deployed.
What are programmatic marketing services?
The programmatic marketing services use real-time bidding capabilities to purchase an ad impression when the user is most likely to engage. Businesses availing of the programmatic marketing services can get the most out of their paid advertisements online.
What is the benefit of hiring a programmatic advertising agency?
A programmatic advertising agency develops highly targeted digital advertising campaigns by collecting relevant data from data management platforms and analytics tools. They identify the right platforms that help businesses reach out to potential customers based on business online presence, objectives, target audience, and brand image. They then also create click-worthy ads with optimum use of visuals and texts. The best programmatic advertising agencies will regularly track and monitor all the programmatic ad campaigns.
What is programmatic display advertising?
Most of the typical ads you encounter from brands online are display advertisements. These small banner adverts are placed programmatically, highly targeted, and personalized. The term "programmatic display advertising" specifically refers to one particular type of format - the display ad. Without establishing this distinction upfront, programmatic display cannot be discussed. It is the automated purchasing and selling of banner advertising displayed in applications, on social media platforms, or in particular locations on websites.
Is programmatic marketing beneficial for small businesses?

Due to its effectiveness, adaptability, and scalability, programmatic advertising is one of the digital advertising areas that is expanding the fastest. Programmatic advertising enables small businesses to compete on a level previously exclusive to huge enterprises with enormous expenditures.

Those with a limited budget can use programmatic advertising by concentrating on retargeting campaigns. When traffic and conversions start to rise, approach can be changed by combining prospecting and remarketing. This will keep bringing in new visitors and retargeting individuals who leave the site without making a purchase.

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