Folk media Services to Draw the Undivided Attention of Rural Audiences

Ascent, the rural marketing agency in India, provides one of the best rural folk media services and other rural marketing services to clients.

Our Approach

We meticulously design a folk media marketing campaign that provides edutainment and touches the rural masses’ minds and hearts with an effective folk media strategy. This allows us to obtain feedback on our clients’ products, distribution, and so on, which can be used by our clients to make desired improvements and, ultimately, drive the audience’s interest.

Folk Media Strategies


Folk Media Strategies for Effective Rural Communication

Folk media in India has long been developing the language of expression for the local community and providing them with a platform to express their views on various topics. Traditional folk media, when examined closely, may be a powerful tool for improving communication and promoting at the grassroots level. Seeing the immense potential of folk media for rural communication, we included folk media in rural marketing.


Effective Vehicle for Reaching Out to Rural Areas

Folk media is the best media available for reaching out to rural areas of India, which can draw the undivided attention of rural audiences. Due to limited access to entertainment media in rural areas, folk media has become a strategic brand engagement method for achieving the desired concentration in the brand. Folk media entertainment can be effective in conveying product features and advantages in-directly.


Folk Mediums for Effective Engagement

This in-direct method works dramatically over direct ways, and huge participation is witnessed in brand engagement activities. Folk mediums like Nukkad Shows, Puppet Shows, Folk Dance, Stilt Walker, Bioscope, Group Dance, Kalbeliya Dance, Kachchi Ghodi, etc., are top-rated folk media options and rural marketing opportunities in rural areas of India which are being used by brands heavily. There are a variety of folk forms available as per the geography and changing culture and availability of local and regional folk forms.

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