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Ascent is a full-service Conversion Rate Optimization Agency in India. We not only lay the groundwork and gather the data needed to develop a comprehensive CRO plan, but we also have the resources to put it in place. Whether you’ve just launched your company and website or are investing in digital marketing services to attract and capture visitors, CRO is essential to ensuring that your marketing investment pays off in leads and sales for your online business.

Our Step by Step Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy


Understanding Your Business

Our initial interaction with your company allows us to learn more about your company and website and better understand how the site has performed and what your expectations are. It’s a fruitful get-to-know scenario by which we establish a clear image of your existing business situation.
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Analysis - Understanding Your Visitors

One of the essential components of our conversion rate optimization strategy is analytics. First, we’ll double-check to see if the existing tracking and collection of necessary statistics requires action to execute our conversion process efficiently. We’ll look at how people use your website, learn about their habits, and look for purchasing barriers and friction points that can deter potential buyers from taking action.


Competitor Analysis

Knowing your competition is critical because the modern market-savvy buyer will undoubtedly do so. We examine them on a data-driven and visual level to gain insight into the options available to your customers, ensuring that your value proposition stands out.
CRO Competitor Analysis
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Action Plan

We’ll analyze the data we’ve gathered throughout our research and analysis to develop actionable insights. We will provide you with the results, including the issues we’ve discovered and our recommendations for how to address them.



Optimizing conversions is a never-ending effort. Our systematic approach to testing is critical to getting the most significant outcomes from our conversion service for your company. We adopt an iterative procedure in which the results of initial tests influence how we approach the following phase.
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Conversion Rate Optimization Services

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CRO Data Analysis

We make decisions to improve CRO by analyzing data from a wide range of sources for increased business growth and better interaction. We employ quantitative and qualitative data and various tools, data feeds, and bespoke audits to show companies how and where they can enhance their user experience and business operations, online stores, and convert more consumers.

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CRO Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping will allow us to create digital experiences that delight customers while also delivering actual outcomes for your company. This benefits your business product or service by allowing you to respond rapidly to feedback from customers and the target audience.

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Technical Audits

One of the biggest causes of low conversion rates is slow page loading. Our team of CRO experts takes all required efforts to ensure that our client's websites load quickly, pass all page experience algorithm tests, and accurately display content. This experienced CRO solution, along with conversion rate optimization tools, guarantees you to get the most out of any SEO or PPC plan you have in place.

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Split and Multivariate Testing

We don't believe in guesswork. Split Testing and Multivariate Testing are our best practices to determine what users respond to. This includes conducting research, determining where users leave your website, examining heatmaps, gathering customer journey feedback, studying individual session recordings, and conducting usability testing.

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Heatmap Tracking

We do Heatmap Tracking as the Heatmap data provides a wealth of information on where and when visitors click or don't click, assisting us in optimizing your landing pages and discovering the optimal spots to place your CTAs and advertisements.

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Conversion Funnel Analysis

In seconds, we identify and remove friction from your consumers' path. For your onboarding objective, we calculate the conversion rate. We track down consumers who don't show up and locate their specific departure location. We also contact and segment dropped-off visitors for targeted marketing.

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CRO Consulting

All of our CRO work necessitates a close working relationship with our clients. We provide customized CRO consulting to assist your internal teams in maximizing their website strategy. It's best to work jointly to solve customer acquisition issues.

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Website UX and UI Designs

We take the time to understand your users, create responsive and visually distinct designs, and stay true to your brand. Most importantly, we strive to keep the user flow consistent throughout the journey. Ascent's work does not stop with well-structured layouts; we also handle UX writing.

We Deliver Double and Triple-Digit Growth in Key Performance Measures. Discuss Your Plans Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy?
A conversion rate optimization strategy analyzes your website's sales funnel to discover the most effective strategies for increasing lead conversion. It entails incorporating progressive analytical techniques into your conversion strategy to increase your website's conversion rates. This process drives more web traffic, converts visitors to paying customers, and increases leads.
How do you succeed with conversion rate optimization?
We take a strategic approach to conversion rate optimization. We begin by focusing on our client's business objectives and target audience. We interact with clients to learn more about the company and its target audience. It's not just about the client and their audience. However, we also thoroughly research our competitors, collect data, and develop plans and strategies. We believe in testing our strategy to improve campaigns.
Why is Conversion Rate Optimization important?
CRO is all about improving your conversion rate, which you can measure as a proportion of total visitors to your site. Before embarking on the conversion rate optimization journey, it is necessary to conduct extensive research on customers. The main goal is to figure out who they are and their needs. This customer research will ultimately assist you in all of your other digital marketing campaigns. Also, CRO increases your consumer base while lowering your cost per acquisition. It boosts SEO efforts by optimizing customer journeys. Most importantly, anticipating what customers want and making them feel special will turn one-time purchasers into loyal customers.
What are Conversion Rate Optimization tools?

CRO tools collect information about a website and its users to help site owners discover and test potential modifications and understand how visitors use their site, and improve conversion rates. CRO tools make understanding what visitors are doing on a website easier with CRO tools. With CRO tools, you can learn why visitors don't become leads or customers; these tools help determine how you might improve your website's conversion rate and get the best conversion rates by testing changes you make to your website.

There are three types of CRO tools - web analytics CRO tools, CRO testing tools, and behavior analytics CRO tools. Google Analytics and Adobe analytics are Web analytics CRO tools. Hotjar and Crazy Egg are some of the tools for understanding user behavior, and Google optimize is the CRO tool for testing changes to the site.

What is a Conversion Rate Optimization service?
The services focused on improving a site's conversion funnel to derive the most value from its traffic. In other words, services focused on converting website visitors into end customers is a conversion optimization services. It involves thorough business understanding, target market research, competitor analysis, data analysis, and optimization. There are many services under CRO. Some of these services are - CRO Journey Mapping, Technical Audits, Conversion Funnel Analysis, Heatmap Tracking, Split and Multivariate Testing, Website UI & UX design, and CRO Data Analysis.
What do Ascent's CRO services include?
Ascent's CRO Conversion rate optimization services include Data Analysis, Journey Mapping, Heatmap Tracking, Conversion Funnel Analysis, Website UX and UI Designs, Technical Audits, and Consulting. We make CRO decisions by analyzing data from various sources to promote business growth and improve interaction in CRO data analysis. The Journey Mapping service creates digital experiences that delight customers while also delivering actual outcomes for your company. Through technical audits, guarantees most out of any SEO or PPC plan you have in place. Split and Multivariate Testing services at our conversion rate optimization agency determine what users respond to, and Heatmap Tracking provides the spots where visitors are interested in the website. Our conversion funnel analysis identifies and removes the friction from our client's consumers' path.
Why choose Ascent for Conversion Rate Optimization Services?

Ascent has a dedicated team for conversion rate optimization services to ensure that every brand receives high-quality results. Experienced professionals conduct extensive research to determine what our clients, customers, and visitors are looking for.

They ensure that the rankings for all relevant queries are at the top, allowing for the expansion of more and more connections. The main goal of our conversion rate optimization is to increase conversions, and the team develops industry-specific strategies after analyzing user behavior.

Ascent also provides regular reporting to ensure that our clients are up to date on the latest developments. Ascent has worked with numerous clients to achieve the best results possible. So, if you are looking for a dedicated team, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Are conversion rate optimization services worth the cost?
We have different pricing plans along with working hours to be devoted by our team as per the opted scope of work by you. Our pricing plans are made in such a way you can pick any one of these suiting your specific business requirement. You can enquire here (enquiry form) and ask us for a suitable pricing plan for your business.
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