Rural Congregation Planning to Get the Cost-Effective Reach of Rural Audiences

Ascent is one the best rural marketing agencies in India, providing the best rural congregation planning services to clients.

Best Rural Congregation Planning  Techniques for Higher Chance of Conversions

There are many rural congregation points in rural areas in India that marketers can tap to get the cost-effective reach of rural audiences, which is possible only by having a relatively costlier method of approaching directly by visiting village to village and house to house. Melas, mandees, and haats have been attractive touchpoints for marketers for ages giving great mileage by introducing products, Creating Brand Awareness, Product Demonstration, Product Sampling, Product Trials, Rural Promotion, Consumer Engagement, Product Sales, etc.

Ascent, the best rural marketing consultancy services provider, ensures that rural people are effectively targeted. As a result, by offering a rural brand solution and a rural marketing solution, it distinguishes itself from the other rural marketing companies in India.

Our Rural Congregation Planning Approach



Haats are weekly markets catering to 15-20 surrounding villages attracting vendors and buyers on a weekly pre-fixed day basis and an essential rural congregation point for rural branding. Haats are like nearby supermarkets open for daily needs and other crucial products on display where villagers come with a buying mindset. These haats serve as an excellent rural congregation point for us to promote your brands through demonstration and other rural marketing strategies.



Mandees, on another side, is the touchpoint for farmers to sell their farm produce on harvesting where they get the cash after crop of sale, which makes the mandees strategic point for the rural marketing agency like us to tap farmers for consumer durable, automobile type high ticket selling items. We directly contact farmers by setting up brand stalls in mandis. We can also provide samples and gifts at these places where farmers have time and are in a joyous mood.



There are about 7600 mandis in India that provide rural marketing opportunities to interact with farmers. Melas is a family entertainment and leisure place where families come for shopping and entertainment. They can be tapped for wide category products and services with anticipation of a collective family decision. Anything can sell at these melas; hence these are available as packages and bundling of melas for annual participation across the geographies. The companies need innovative advertising and brand-building methods in fairs or melas to reach their potential customer base. Read more

Rural Congregation Planning techniques for Those Interested in Branding in Rural India

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