Trade Marketing Solutions to Make Sure Products Reach Customers

Ascent develops and implements trade marketing strategies to increase awareness, promote products, increase sales, and gain market share.

Trade Marketing Solutions for Sustainable Development of Brands

Any company that needs to sustain market speed and business must use trade marketing as an essential success driver. It’s crucial for long-term brand building because selling your products to retailers generates market demand for your product before your customers buy it. Because of the severe competition in the market and the numerous substitutes for a single product, your company needs the help of someone with a track record of offering trade marketing solutions.

Trusted Trade Marketing Solutions for Great Brand Visibility

Depending on the trade objectives of the company, strategic trade marketing planning is done right from its nascent stage where the trade network is to be established in the assigned geography; then, after establishing the network, maintaining it by boosting trade partners, engaging them with multiple schemes, felicitating them through a series of trade meets, engaging them through loyalty and relationship programs throughout the year, etc.

Benefits of Our Trade Marketing Solutions

Did you overlook the importance of gaining the support of retailers, distributors, and wholesalers?

However, just as with your customers, you must provide compelling reasons for retailers and distributors to collaborate with you and help you sell your products. Ascent is here to help!

Our Approach to Trade
Marketing Solutions Services


End-to-End Trade Marketing Solutions

We provide strategic marketing consultancy services at Ascent, and having worked with a variety of brands; we understand the value of trade; hence we offer end-to-end trade marketing solutions right from strategic solutions to the implementation of trade marketing plans, ideas, and strategies to achieve its trade objectives, eventually meeting a healthy relationship with trade partners, enhancing trade network, maintaining visibility, conceptualizing and implementing trade scheme, formulating trade loyalty plan, trade launch, trade boost up, trade expansion, etc.


Team Proficient in Comprehending Marketing Trends

The trade marketing manager at Ascent is in charge of the channel’s local market brand development. They create, manage, and improve brand strategies and procedures that link all marketing operations with the sales team’s actions. Besides this, our entire trade marketing solutions team is adept at analyzing and comprehending marketing trends and data, and the vision of your marketing efforts energizes them. Their responsibilities include developing and implementing trade marketing campaigns to increase demand among supply chain partners, monitoring trade marketing data and analytics, and strategizing unique and more powerful methods of gaining trade partners’ trust and improving brand perception.

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