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We are a Growth Marketing Agency in India with a data-driven approach to driving as much growth as possible with minimal investment.
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When you hire Ascent, prepare to hang on for a great ride

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to growth. It takes the right tools, product/service, and, most importantly, mindset. Our growth marketing team will assist you in determining whether it is appropriate for your business. As growth marketers, we utilize growth hacking strategies to test multiple channels regularly, refine strategy, and test to figure out how to get the most out of our client’s marketing budgets.
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Benefits of Growth Marketing

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Innovative Solutions

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Data Driven

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Improves ROI

Our Approach


Align & Identify

We align on your goals and use them as a guide to delve into your target audience to ensure we’ve correctly identified them.
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Create & Activate

Our expert professionals then create and activate a focused, prioritized growth marketing strategy to help you attract your customers.
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Reach & Establish Relationship

Excellent copywriting and visual design will seamlessly reach your customers across numerous channels, allowing them to establish a connection with you.
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Test & Optimize

Our laser-like concentration on your customers’ unique, ever-changing needs and preferences uncover new opportunities to optimize plans.

Our Services

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Growth Hacking

Our main goal is to challenge traditional marketing methods and promote a mindset that leads to exponential growth. Get the growth you need now. We're a dynamic team of growth hackers with extensive experience in successful growth hacking projects that can turn your target customers into happy customers.

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Performance Marketing

Discover how our full-funnel performance marketing techniques produce more impactful customer acquisitions and achieve remarkable business benefits for brands, from successful brand building to improved customer advocacy to longer lifetime value.

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Inbound lead generation

We create valuable content that addresses their needs and a valuable offer that customers can't resist. Build an engaged audience with our inbound lead generation strategies.

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Email Marketing

We use email marketing automation to create personalized templates and send emails around the clock. We use dynamic content to leverage FOMO, optimize subject lines, and design emails for mobile-first.

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Paid Social Media

Get guaranteed reach to your target audience with paid social media, which has become a pay-to-play model in recent years. With us, you can increase market efficiency and gain new customer subsets.

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We use content, links, keyword research, and technical audits to help improve SEO. Our designers, content writers, SEO experts, and engineers work together to help the company grow as quickly as possible by enabling more data and new opportunities.

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SEM ( Google AdWords & Bing Ads)

All of our CRO work necessitates a close working relationship with our clients. We provide customized CRO consulting to assist your internal teams in maximizing their website strategy. It's best to work jointly to solve customer acquisition issues.

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Content Plan (Strategy and Execution)

We establish your mission and goals, set KPIs, get to know your audience, assess your current position, determine the best content channels, decide on content type, allocate resources, create a content calendar, create and distribute content across your channels, and finally measure, test, and optimize results based on your audience's current needs.

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Influencer Marketing

By utilizing our Influencer Marketing Strategies, you may broaden your company's reach and gain industry credibility. By being authentic, accessible, and responsive, we identify industry leaders, shape the discourse, and foster a happy community.

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Community Building

We unleash the enormous potential of building meaningful relationships with our client's customers, brand advocates, and followers.

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CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Our CRO framework involves analyzing existing benchmarks, current website UX, and messaging to determine areas of improvement that will help reduce drop-off or churn.

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UX & UI Design

It's pointless to attract many users if they can't be kept - which is where UX design comes in. We design excellent UX and UI using a data-driven approach to drive acquisition, engagement, retention, referrals, and ultimately, revenue.

Why choose us for Growth Marketing Services?

We Combine High-Marketing Strategies with Excellent Execution. Many Startups and Businesses Rely on Ascent as a Reliable Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a growth marketing service?
Growth marketing services are the services for a business that focuses on customer acquisition, customer retention, conversion rates, and customer lifetime values. Among the services offered are identifying areas to test and improve, devising and constructing experiments to optimize the identified processes, executing experiments to test anticipated improvements, analyzing findings, and doing additional experimentation.
What are the advantages of growth marketing for businesses?
With growth marketing, you can outsmart your competitors. It brings together growth marketers. As a result, new and creative solutions are developed. A lot of data is generated by growth marketing. This information allows you to understand your potential customers and their needs.
What are your growth marketing strategies?
Our growth marketing strategies begin with developing a solid business growth plan and getting to know our customers. Then we place the product/service in the appropriate location and develop an effective marketing plan to reach the target audience through different channels or channels that are appropriate for our client's goals. We follow up on analytical results, and finally, we analyze results to optimize marketing strategies.
Do you offer Growth Hacking solutions?
Yes, we do provide growth hacking services. Depending on your business objectives, you can select all growth marketing services or just growth hacking. In addition, we offer growth hacking consulting services.
Why should a business choose Ascent for growth marketing services in India?
We understand that growth marketing is a broad term. Our team of professionals is capable of strategic thinking, has creative ideas to attract the client's target audience and customers, technical skills to develop new strategies, an excellent analytical mindset, and a sense of curiosity. Ascent focuses on the five essentials of growth marketing: awareness, acquisition, retention, revenue, and referral. Most importantly, Ascent focuses on revenue-based growth rather than rapid growth by first diagnosing clients' challenges, examining their ability to grow, learning about stages of our development, and then determining a growth plan on which they can rely.
What other services do you offer?
Our primary services include strategic digital marketing, rural marketing, mobile marketing, and marketing consulting. It's not compulsory to obtain the full-suite services; you may contact us for any sub-services included in the primary services.
Do you also offer growth marketing consulting services for business growth?
In addition to growth marketing services, we offer business digital marketing growth consulting to help our clients' business pipelines grow. This includes assisting with opportunity evaluation, go-to-market strategies, planning, implementation, monitoring, and optimization.
What distinguishes you from other growth marketing agencies in India?
We are the go-to growth marketing agency in India, assisting our clients in achieving big wins. We develop a strategic roadmap and then get to work making things happen. We have a plan in place, are in constant communication, and have a laser-focused strategy for dedicated digital marketing growth. We are constantly looking for new ways to increase user acquisition, keep customers engaged, and generate revenue. At every stage of the funnel, we are master experimenters.
What exactly is Growth Hacking, and what are its benefits?
Growth hacking is a term that encompasses all growth-oriented methods. It's most commonly associated with early-stage businesses that need to multiply on a limited budget. It focuses only on growth and is built on a data-driven, experiment-based approach. By optimizing the product, a growth hacker carefully investigates new digital marketing growth opportunities at any customer journey stage, from awareness to marketing to brand ambassadors. Following are the benefits of growth hacking - It aids in the discovery of new business models. Creates better products/services Cost-effectiveness boosts ROI Helps in the discovery of scalable marketing strategies. It is suitable for any goal. Assists in the discovery of growth loops Assists in the discovery of data-driven strategies
Do you offer services in performance marketing?
Yes, we provide performance marketing services, including online advertising and marketing programs. Our performance marketing services include banner ads, content marketing, native advertising, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.
What performance marketing channels can you assist us with?
We use five channels to drive traffic. These are - Banner Ads, Content Marketing, Native advertising, Search engine marketing, and Social media.
How much do your growth marketing services cost?
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How does Ascent measure the success of Growth Marketing?
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How much do your performance marketing services cost?
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