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Ascent is one the best rural marketing agencies in India, providing the best rural call center services to clients

Call Centers Improves Customer Relationships

Companies should recognize that call centers can be a valuable marketing channel, mainly if agents receive the necessary knowledge and training. Efficient call center strategies benefit marketing professionals by improving customer relationships and focusing on crucial marketing objectives. Ascent provides rural multilingual calling facilities to help improve the customer service experience for those who don’t speak English or choose to communicate in a different language.  Multilingual rural calling services operate by allowing them to select their preferred language. Instead of advertising to large groups of consumers who may or may not convert into customers, we focus on building relationships with qualified prospects by adopting lead generation strategies.

Our Approach to Rural Call
Centre Services


Closing the gap between a brand and its customers

Ascent Rural’s call center, which is equipped with people who speak vernacular languages and are also trained to handle rural call management services for corporates and SMEs, is a big help in closing the gap between a brand and its customers by staying in touch frequently and introducing new products, new schemes, providing after-sales service, and resolving customer issues to keep the relationship smooth. We at Ascent take turnkey projects of call centers exclusively or inclusively with the brand’s rural campaign.


We understand your brand's requirements

We comprehend the diverse demands of vernacular people, such as Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannad, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Bengali, etc., because of the country’s diversity. In addition, in light of the brand’s needs, we recognize the importance of briefing and educating call center teams on the product, services, or a planned rural marketing campaign so that appropriate communication reaches the target audience without diluting the campaign’s goals. 


Mandate to ensure brand value

Our mandate includes course correction, re-briefing, training, and extensive monitoring methods to ensure that the brand receives its value and TG receives the appropriate message for action.

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