Technology-led engagement to Break the Monotony

Ascent is the best rural marketing agency in India, providing the best rural brand visibility services along with other rural marketing services.

Garnering the attention of TG is getting more demanding and more challenging

It’s always an endeavor of any brand to vie for the attention and engagement of its TG to meet its objectives of establishing its core values in their minds; for ages, brands have been frequent to rural territories enticing their target audiences in many ways, tools, and tactics. Rising competition and bombardment of such promotional initiatives of brands have become monotonous in approach; hence attracting TG’s attention is becoming increasingly difficult.

Ascent is breaking the monotony. Are You Interested?

Ascent has been working for years in Rural India and very well understands the psyche of rural audiences. It does experiments and innovations to develop various brand engagement tools, games, and rural engagement methods so that monotony can be broken and a new association with the brand can be established in their minds.

Our Approach to Technology-Led
Engagement Services


Generating unique experience

Depending on the brief and brand’s USPs, we try to come up with novel ideas for rural marketing engagement plans using mechanical, electronic, electrical, or other creatively done objects with a mix of technologies for generating a unique experience where rural people of India are thrilled and eager to participate and immerse in the game having a good time educating and entertaining with fellow participants and respective brands.


Providing Tailor-made engagement

We have noticed that people in rural areas of India develop different alienation and monotony by seeing a common type of audience engagement. Their enthusiasm can be felt quickly when they are shown a uniquely crafted and tailor-made engagement game.


Using Interactive technologies

Now, many immersive and interactive technologies are available, like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Gesture-based technologies, 4D/5D/7D technologies, etc., where larger-than-life experiences can be given to the target audiences in rural areas into one or all campaign audience engagement modes, the content can be taken in an exciting story format with characters and objects taking participants as an immersive character.

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