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There is a person behind every search for a product or service you offer. We help you reach them at the right time and in the right place ​

Boost your website’s Google and other search engine rankings and make it more visible to your target audience with our strategic search engine optimization. We are an SEO Company in India that prioritizes the needs of our client’s customers and produces high-quality results by using proven, strategic, and efficient techniques. We have years of experience and know-how to make your project a success as one of the best SEO agencies in India.

Our Approach



As your SEO agency, we take the time to learn about your company’s needs, expectations, and goals. We schedule a meeting during the discovery phase and conduct an initial site survey. We determine your KPIs and conversion process and undertake extensive keyword research that assists us in gaining a complete picture of your company’s practices and the purpose and objectives of your website.



The analysis step includes an in-depth site audit, competitive benchmarking, site metrics examination, and evaluation of links. We gather and analyze all of your business data at this stage to uncover the factors that influence your online presence. We examine your previous traffic patterns, competition backlink techniques, on-site technical concerns, and link-building tactics. We use the data from your analytics to develop the ideal SEO strategy for you.



Our SEO service professionals create a strategic plan spanning three to six months as soon as we uncover SEO gaps and opportunities. Our agency will prioritize your campaign within the first month to address the most critical parts of SEO to ensure that our efforts in search engine optimization produce rapid and targeted results.
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During this stage, we improve your site structure, optimize your blog posts and web pages with high-performing keywords, and keep your business listings up to date. Our SEO agency in India uses a multi-channel strategy to help you improve your overall SEO performance. We also develop social media management strategies and contact third-party websites to increase your online visibility.



We set up a tracking system that allows us to keep track of your online progress and assess the effectiveness of your SEO approach. Your analytics, keyword rankings, and key performance indicators are all monitored and evaluated by us (KPI). In addition, our SEO expert in India will look at your organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, local exposure, and click-through rates (CTRs). We can gain valuable information and improve your optimization tactics by tracking your SEO activity.
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Our SEO professionals deliver monthly reports to keep you informed about the status of your campaign. We provide a detailed assessment of your site’s performance that contains trends in your KPIs and total traffic and ranking. We produce a monthly roadmap, so you know how your campaign is doing and what to expect.

What Professional SEO Services Do We Offer?

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Do you have an excellent website but no leads or visitors? With our SEO Audit, you'll obtain a detailed breakdown of the technical elements that influence organic results and are essential. You'll also get actionable suggestions to help you establish your goals and improve your rankings.

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Any good SEO plan requires knowing what your target audience searches on Google. Our keyword research will examine all keyword variations and monthly search volumes relevant to your company.

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The key to successfully turning visitors into buyers is high-quality content. Search engines like Google can differentiate between insightful and unnecessary information. We produce SEO content that both your visitors and Google will enjoy.

Local SEO Icon


We assist businesses in boosting their visibility to searchers in their local community using Local SEO strategies. We perform a website audit, identify geo-specific keywords, make localized landing pages and improve the visibility of your Google My Business listing.

On page SEO service icon


OnPage SEO encompasses all internal factors and aspects of your website that significantly impact its ranking. We are well-versed in the most recent OnPage techniques to assist you in improving your rankings and continuing to improve with OnPage SEO optimization.

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OffPage SEO refers to the external factors that affect a website's ranking. Our off-page SEO optimization includes brand mentions, forums, broken link building, social networking, influencer outreach, etc. Most importantly, we advise you on how to obtain high-quality backlinks.

Seo Consulting Icon


We are an SEO consulting agency that improves and expands your brand's online exposure. You'll be able to better cater to your target audience by using established inbound marketing methods with our assistance.

Mobile SEO icon img


Mobile SEO is essential if you want mobile users to interact with your website. We make sure your site looks fantastic on mobile devices and performs appropriately.

Technical Seo Icon


Technical SEO enhances a website's technical aspects to improve the search engine rankings of its pages. We make a website faster, understandable for search engines, and easier to crawl.

Google SEO services icon


Many businesses and marketers focus on optimizing website content for Google. We provide SEO for Google, including optimizing your website to increase its visibility on Google search results.

Google Penalty Recovery Icon


We check if you have ranking problems, investigate recent algorithm updates, run an SEO and content audit, check for duplicate content, and clean up your backlink profile. If you are looking to minimize Google penalties, we are here to help.

Ecommerce SEO icon


Your products need to rank above your competitors so that your potential customers can find them first. This necessitates the need for Ecommerce SEO and the best SEO strategies. We make your online store visible in SERPs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO in marketing?
SEO marketing is a type of digital marketing in which web pages and websites are optimized for search engines such as Google to increase the visibility of a company's digital assets. SEO in marketing necessitates a combination of internal and external strategies for ranking pages. SEO has a higher conversion rate when compared to traditional strategies. Using a dedicated on-page and off-page strategy, as well as staying up to date on the latest search engine algorithms, will make marketing efforts more effective.
What is an SEO service in India?
SEO service in India comprises various services to help businesses increase website visibility and organic traffic. Experts in SEO and SEO agencies mainly provide SEO services. Whoever provides the services creates strategies based on the target audience's intent. SEO services providers understand that on-site technical factors, user experience, user feedback metrics, backlinks, and content are equally important for SEO ranking factors.
What does an SEO company in India do?
SEO agencies develop strategies to help businesses' websites and web pages rank higher on search engines. They want to increase their online visibility, which will lead to more leads. The majority of SEO companies in India focus on the two significant aspects of SEO optimization: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. This agency comprehends the brand's and SEO objectives and then conducts keyword research, analyzes website structure, and optimizes website structure, on-site, off-pages, and code. On a weekly, daily, or monthly basis, they monitor rankings, conversion, and traffic.
Is an SEO agency profitable?
An SEO agency is unquestionably profitable because it has a team of SEO experts. Each member of the team stays current on the latest search engine algorithms. If you have an Ecommerce business, an SEO agency will assist you in becoming visible not only in India but also globally. SEO agencies concentrate on on-page optimization, off-page optimization, adding quality backlinks, conducting keyword research, employing White Hat SEO techniques, and various other strategies to help your website rank higher in search engines.
How long are the contracts for professional SEO services?
We recommend going for a year-long contract for a better output with sustained efforts and the team’s understanding of your business since its SEO work needs a long-term vision and planning for desired results.
How much do the SEO services cost?
We have different pricing plans along with working hours to be devoted by our team as per the opted scope of work by you. Our pricing plans are made in such a way you can pick any one of these suiting your specific business requirement. You can enquire here (enquiry form) and ask us for a suitable pricing plan for your business.
What is the need for SEO services?
SEO services are essential if you want your company to be found on search engines. If you're planning a digital marketing campaign, skipping SEO services is a bad idea. SEO services improve brand awareness, encourage brands to focus on user experience, create loyal customers, bring more leads through organic searches, offer impressive ROI, target the entire marketing funnel, develop the high-quality website traffic, and benefit overall marketing strategies. So don't put off reaping the benefits of SEO by utilizing the professional SEO services provided by the best SEO agency in India.
What do SEO services include?
SEO audit, keyword research, SEO content writing, Local SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, SEO consulting, Mobile SEO, Technical SEO, Google SEO services, Google Penalty Recovery, and Ecommerce SEO are all part of our SEO services in India. Ascent's services complement one another in developing effective strategies and producing better results.
What are the key benefits of SEO for business?
Following are the benefits of SEO for business :
  • SEO improves user experience by improving website content, i.e., by providing relevant content to target audiences on user-friendly web pages.
  • SEO generates leads, and if you're not getting any, it's time to revise your SEO strategies.
  • SEO improves search engine rankings, which in turn improves conversion rates.
  • SEO strategies increase the likelihood that local target audiences will visit the physical store.
  • SEO increases close rates because target audiences convert into leads after researching their specific needs and requirements.
  • SEO raises brand awareness, boosts sales, and expands your business.
  • SEO builds customer loyalty, grows social media followers, and keeps you ahead of the competition.
How to choose the right SEO agency in India?

There are hundreds of SEO agencies, but finding the right one for your business goals can be beneficial. You must be clear about your goals and desired outcomes before hiring an agency. These objectives may include increasing sales through organic search, obtaining qualified leads and traffic, or ranking higher on search engines for specific keywords.

A good SEO agency will have an excellent SEO execution process with practical SEO experience; case studies, and portfolios to showcase their work; a diverse team of SEO specialists eager to understand your goals, create and implement online marketing strategies; real customer testimonials; industry-specific thought leadership; and, most importantly, be up to date with the latest trends.

How will you understand our SEO objectives?
For any SEO campaign, we take a strategic approach. For a better understanding, we share a questionnaire about your company's marketing needs. When we receive the questionnaire, we will schedule a meeting with you to continue the discussion. Following the meeting, our strategy team works on and shares a first-cut plan, presented in an online meeting where questions are answered. When the client approves the idea/concept/strategy, we begin planning the campaign's execution/roll-out.

Ready to Redefine SEO?

We are a qualified SEO agency led by a team of top SEO consultants who understand how strategic SEO works and how it may benefit your company. We have everything you'd want in a competent SEO agency in India.

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