Go-To-Market Strategy Planning to Deliver Unique Value Proposition and Achieve Competitive Advantage

We at Ascent develop a solid Go-to-Market strategy before preparing for launch, relaunch, or entry into a new market. Call Us Now for more details.

Enhance Overall Customer Experience with Ascent's Go-To-Market Plan

A go-to-market strategy (GTM strategy) is a plan that outlines how a business will reach out to its target customers and gain a competitive edge.
We at Ascent develop a solid Go-to-Market strategy after learning about the client’s market, target group, product or service offering, competitive differentiation, and pain points, and preparing to answer the what, how, where, when, and whys about the product and the company before preparing for launch, relaunch, or entry into a new market.

Emphasis on Alignment Between Pain Areas And Given Solutions

Understanding the TG and its preferences, buyer persona, the right market, distribution planning, pricing strategy, promotional strategies, and the implementation plan is essential to us as a brand consultants. It is critical to learn about TG’s pain points and the company’s respective solutions throughout the planning process so that the right proposition can be established. If the pain points and solutions are not properly aligned, the entire concept of going to market is diluted and defeated, and all investments are wasted. Hence, our marketing strategies and plan entail problems and solutions in the right proposition.

Are you a startup? Increase the chance of a successful product/service launch and ensure the creation of an effective customer experience

We have an effective go to market strategy for startups.

Our Approach to Go-To-Market


Identifying buyer personas

This is the first step in designing a GTM strategy that entails establishing target markets and customer bases, as well as developing an understanding of how to contact target consumers and use the data acquired to achieve long-term marketing communication objectives.


Creating a value matrix

Our go to market plan includes creating a value matrix that maps the product or service to business needs and is intended to communicate the product or service’s purpose.


Defining The Marketing Strategy

This step may entail experimenting with numerous digital go to market advertising tactics for the target demographic across various marketing platforms.


Specifying the sales and pricing strategy

Product packaging design is an essential component of a consumer’s journey because it creates a different image in the consumer’s mind, which can be a game-changer in product lifting. According to our experienced brand marketing consultant, the look and feel determine its fate, creating purchasing aspirations and feelings in the consumer’s mind.


Determining the success metrics

We determine the product’s or service’s principal goal and how its success will be measured.


Budget and resource planning

We determine any ongoing financial and resource requirements that will exist after the product or service has been launched.

Leave No Stone Unturned with Our Go-To-Market Strategy

Ascent provides the best marketing consulting services in India that consistently prefers to include all levels and departments of an organization in planning exercises so that no details are overlooked. The plan becomes practical, and implementable rather than limited to certain closed groups or top management alone.

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