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Digital marketing is now a buzzword, and most companies, be it small,
medium, or large, want to be on the bandwagon now or sooner than later.

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Digital Advertising Agency to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

We are a Digital advertising agency to reach your target audiences and achieve your marketing goals. We at Ascent have over 20 years of brand experience dealing with numerous MNC, national, and regional brands across geographies in India. In today’s age, it is crucial to work with a strategic mindset, having a robust digital marketing plan with the right blend of Brand Experience, Creativity, Strategy, Technology, Content, Design, and Video to do justification with the brand to meet out the set objectives be it brand awareness, brand engagement, lead generation, online reputation management, or garnering a large audience across digital touchpoints with mind-blowing engagement tactics for having proper traction all the time.

Strategic Digital Marketing Services with Ascent

We at Ascent don’t believe in merely doing a posting job on Facebook or other channels; instead, we have the strategic approach by defining the company’s target audiences, deciding about its possible digital touchpoints, and then having a robust plan with technology to have the proper visibility and engagement.

Case Studies

A glimpse of our digital strategy, content planning and strategic designs.

Our Digital Marketing Services

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Social Media Marketing

We use the unparalleled capacity of social media to promote content that resonates with the target audience and drives engagement.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Our strategic marketing approach helps businesses create and distribute valuable content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

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SEO is an integral part of our digital marketing strategy that involves various optimization tactics to enable your target audience to reach you.

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Leverage your website traffic to positively impact your company's bottom line with our CRO services.

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Email Marketing

Do email marketing right with Ascent. We build beautiful and responsive emails to engage subscribers and nurture leads.

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Programmatic Marketing

Target potential customers at every stage of your sales and marketing funnel with our effective programmatic advertising services.

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Influencer marketing

We help businesses with influencer discovery, content creation, influencer management, and analyzing and reporting on the success of a campaign.

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Native Advertising

Our native advertising experts will deliver brand awareness, increase engagement, and improve audience trust, credibility, and ROI.

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Growth Marketing

We utilize growth hacking strategies to test multiple channels regularly, refine strategy, and test to figure out how to get the most out of our client's marketing budgets.

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Video Marketing

Produce custom-tailored and compelling videos that seamlessly fit into your content marketing strategy and have the potential to go viral.

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Digital PR

Your social media platforms and content, if properly harnessed, may become one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. That's what we're here for.

ui ux design services


Create smooth and beautiful UI/UX designs that provide a better user experience. We incorporate effective collaboration and streamlined projects strive for better results.

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Strategic Digital Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide 360-degree digital marketing consulting services combining all possible digital mediums to reach out to your audiences with the right digital marketing strategies. They encompass social media, strategic planning, digital implementation, content strategy, design strategy, dissemination, paid media marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, mobile marketing, etc. We work not merely as an executor alone; instead, we get into clients’ shoes, strategize the holistic digital marketing plan with a calendar year and provide the services as a partner and marketing arm of your extended team. 

Who will offer the best digital marketing services in India for your business can be ascertained only after a thorough study of your business by our team of strategic digital marketing experts. Our team of experts gets into your shoes to better understand your business by asking you a series of questions. Once we know your needs, we recommend which platforms best suit your marketing needs and yield the best results. Because each business is unique, so are its requirements, which vary depending on various factors. 

Our team of strategic digital marketing specialists develops a one-of-a-kind, customized plan that fits within your budget and meets your marketing objectives. There are various approaches for different types of businesses, such as B2C and B2B. Also, our digital marketing campaign connects our clients’ brands with their potential prospects. Platforms and strategies differ dramatically depending on the category of business.

Unlike many other providers of online marketing services, we focus on client relationships and results rather than glam to close sales and then fail to fulfill. We consistently deliver on meaning, not empty promises; most importantly, we make every effort to maximize your budget, so you get the highest return on investment.

A digital marketing consultant works as a partner with your company/brand and acts as a lighthouse to strategically plan, execute and manage the business digitally to meet your marketing and social media marketing objectives within your budget requirements. A full-service digital marketing consultant plays many roles like marketing strategist, marketing planner, plan implementer, digital marketing guide, public relation manager, creative designer, content writer, web developer, brand strategist, etc.

Digital marketing consultants provide a variety of services based on your requirements. Hence, it’s a must to understand the responsibilities of your right digital marketing consultant who has the relevant knowledge and experience of handling brands and product categories. Merely having a technical knowledge consultant can’t perform holistically and fetch you the desired results. Hire a digital marketing consultant with the right combination of technical, marketing, digital and social knowledge and experience; only you can rightly and justifiably handle the brand to meet your digital marketing goals. 

We can assist you in correctly determining your digital requirements by conducting a complete analysis of your organization, which includes learning about your target customers, stakeholders, rivals, products/services, competitive advantage, market, and current marketing efforts. 

As the best digital marketing agency, we can recommend the most appropriate plan for your business within your budget once we thoroughly understand it. When you give us the go-ahead for the plan, our team of digital marketing services begins implementing it across the platforms you’ve chosen. Most importantly, we manage your company’s online presence. With our team’s assistance in correctly analyzing the report and making course corrections to optimize the results, you begin receiving results over time.

We, as consultants for digital marketing in India, have a 360-degree approach to digital marketing strategies. We do not merely work as a digital marketing agency instead work as a partner in the growth of the business/brand. We, first of all, strategize by getting into the shoes of a marketer in coming up with a 360-degree holistic plan to suit your business on various digital platforms. 

We take utmost care in first understanding your target audiences, competitors, market, products/services, past and current marketing efforts, etc., and then develop a strategic digital marketing plan to meet your objectives of digital marketing in India and ROI requirements. We put the strategy in everything like your content strategy, design approach, platform strategy, TG’s understanding, etc.

Whether large, medium, or small enterprises, all types of businesses need digital marketing services in today’s age to meet their business objectives. Services for digital marketing in India are required at every stage of the product cycle, whether introductory, growth, or maturity. Many goals of businesses like brand awareness, customer engagement, lead generation, brand reputation, etc., can be achieved with the right digital marketing strategies by all sizes of companies. 

Startups today are deploying their digital marketing strategies in their early stage and quickly heading on to their established competitors. In some cases, they enjoy a much better position in their business with their timely action and active involvement. 

It’s not only companies, rather social organizations, spiritual and religious organizations, governments, philanthropists, celebrities, personalities, politicians, artists, etc. also engage with digital marketing activities to reach out to their audiences and engage with them.

Right Solution For Your Marketing Problem

Getting into the shoes of our client, our digital advertising agency gives the solution with the right blend of our experience.


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