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Ascent is an influencer marketing agency in India that develops and implements strategic influencer marketing to help brands reach millions of people at scale.
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Influencer Marketing Agency Harnessing the Power of Genuine Connections

In the influencer marketing process, our influencer marketing strategy specialists operate as a middleman. We assist businesses at every level of the influencer marketing process, from finding influencers to managing them, helping with content development, and assessing and reporting on marketing campaign results.
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Influencer marketing has an ROI that is comparable to or greater than other marketing channels

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Customers depend on influencer recommendations

Marketers are planning to increase their spending on influencer marketing

Our Approach


Identify and Track

We identify and track buyer personas before developing customized strategic influencer marketing campaigns that conveniently put your brand in front of your future customers. We can identify the right influencer for your needs when we clearly understand the audience and their problems.
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Research and Collaborate

Our next step will be to conduct research and matchmaking to present a list of all the best influencers for your brand. We then work with the best social media influencers on the influencer marketing platform such as YouTube and Instagram to showcase your brand’s personality, deliver effective brand messaging, and engage targeted buying audiences.


Influence to Convert

Our Influencer marketing services deliver accurate results at speed. We use advanced strategies to sell products online, influence buyer attitudes & purchase patterns, and move customers along the customer lifecycle. Our unique methodology helps us identify the key factors that affect the conversations and attitudes of your customers and sway their purchase decision.
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Best Timing and Consistent Optimization

We plan the ideal timing, channel, and method for delivering the campaign, as well as ongoing adjustments based on real-time learning. We constantly try to improve our campaigns through proactive analysis and fine-tuning, ensuring you always get the optimum ROI.

Influencer Marketing Services

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Strategic Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We have extensive experience with both organic and paid influencer marketing. We also cultivate long-term connections with influencers based on mutual benefit and trust, resulting in long-term collaborations that encourage influencers to use your product or service in real-world scenarios.

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Influencer Management

We have the expertise and proper management to manage relationships with influencers. We negotiate and collaborate. Get expertly crafted and flawlessly executed marketing campaigns to fit your marketing objectives and build long-lasting relationships.

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Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram, as the most well-known influencer marketing platform, enables us to reach our client's target audience in a far more genuine manner than traditional advertising. Because they share many aspects of their lives with their followers, our Instagram influencers have a solid and loyal relationship.

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Facebook Influencer Marketing

It makes sense to target a Facebook demographic. Our Facebook influencer marketing boosts sales, attracts new customers, raises brand awareness, aids in customer retention, and increases followers for our clients' Facebook profiles.

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YouTube Influencer Marketing

Our trusted influencers and the team of professionals will help boost your search domination by increasing your brand visibility and creating high-quality content that promotes interaction.

Ready to Target with Result-Oriented Influencer Marketing Strategies?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is influencer marketing?
Influencer marketing is becoming a widely used strategy for online promotion. For some time now, it has been a buzzword, and marketers frequently use it. Influencer marketing combines both traditional and modern marketing strategies. It incorporates the concept of influencer endorsement into a current content-driven marketing campaign. The key differentiation in influencer marketing is the campaign's results because of the collaboration between the companies and influencers. Hence, influencer marketing means collaborating with brands and influencers to market products or services.
Why choose Ascent for influencer marketing services?
Ascent understands that one size doesn't fit all influencers, hence tailors its approach to the specific influencer. Additionally, we don't only look at the popularity of the influencer, which means it's not necessarily true that the people with huge followers are influencers of a particular niche. Since influencer marketing might be the ideal strategy for expanding your audience, increasing customer loyalty, and raising brand exposure, we develop transparent, authentic, and targeting influencer marketing strategies.
Why should a business work with an influencer marketing agency?
By collaborating with an influencer marketing agency, you can access years of knowledge and expert influencers. While you concentrate on managing your business, outsourcing influencer marketing services helps you expand your presence entirely through planning. Influencer marketing agencies in India will develop a killer campaign strategy for your company by conducting extensive research and reaching out to the most influential influencers who have experience working in your niche and can assist you in building a relationship with your target customers.
How do you develop influencer marketing strategies for your clients?
Ascent reviews the goals, competitors, and industry of the business to start creating influencer marketing strategies. Then we connect with influencers who will help promote their brands, but it’s the influencers themselves who are going to do the necessary content creation and promotion. We’ll keep in contact with the influencers as the campaign progresses to track results and see how we can take each partnership further as the results start coming in.
What are the benefits of Influencer Marketing?
Influencer marketing is the practice of promoting to, with, and through influencers to reach both your and their target audiences with brand messages. When a person recommends your goods or services or makes mention of your brands, influencer marketing helps you become more visible, which not only broadens your appeal but also raises your brand awareness. Any business can use it. It can broaden your brand's reach and exposure, cultivate credibility and trust, improve your content strategy, raise your SEO, ROI, and bottom line, influence consumer decision-making, and enhance sales.
Why will influencer marketing grow in the future?
Influencer marketing can help with several marketing goals. There are several reasons why brands should use this tactic, which is still relatively new in the field of digital marketing, as part of their overall digital strategy. Influencers are a fantastic resource for brands looking to connect with their target markets and expand their social media networks. Platforms like Instagram have made it simpler for marketers to interact with influencers because they can follow them and get in touch immediately.
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