Welcome to Ascent Brand Communications Pvt. Ltd.

We at Ascent have been in the strategic brand & marketing consulting business for more than 20 years, working with reputed brands right from MNCs to national and regional ones catering to multiple product categories like Agri input, Agriculture, Automobile, Consumer Durable, FMCG, Financial, Health, Industrial among the major ones.

Ascent has been a pioneer in marketing and brand business with a rich working portfolio of brands from across the categories with the differentiated approach of strategic and conceptual planning, giving 360-degree services encompassing Rural Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Brand & Marketing Consulting services.

Understanding the business

Among the host of these services, we specialize in giving cutting-edge strategic brand & marketing solutions, enabling you to have more value for a penny spent. We specialize in formulating brilliant marketing communication strategies considering your target group with handpicked and well-thought touchpoints where the probability of engagement and interactivity is the most.

We believe in the philosophy of ‘Jo Dikhta hai Voh Bikta Hai.’ With this approach, we recommend creating innovative and pathbreaking brand visibility across the possible touchpoints, as per the profile of TG, whether belonging to the small town, rural or urban.

Vigilant eye on the trend

At our brand marketing agency, we believe in the small-town & rural marketing revolution as there is a major shift of brands in expectation of a wider and penetrated market with ever-increasing disposable income and aspiration levels compared to their urban counterparts.

Thanks to media proliferation, mobile penetration, rural youth employment scheme, pucca road, better infrastructure, and education, urban and rural lines are amazingly blurring.

Our Approach

We, as a Brand Consulting Agency, with our experiential & integrated marketing expertise, devise strategic and creative concepts which enable brands to adopt effective brand-building techniques innovatively. We provide fully integrated multidisciplinary services for creating and managing brand campaigns to augment the ultimate sales through brand promotional marketing and strategic digital communications.

Integrated Services

With an in-depth knowledge of brand building in regional markets, our brand communication strategies provide the right sharpness to our client’s approach toward achieving stupendous market penetration. You can either handpick one of our services or have an end-to-end marketing solution addressing your marketing problem. We assure high quality of work and thus adhere to our unique offerings to promote your brand in all directions.

Ascent History

Always strive for better work. Never stop.

2002 – 2004
We started the business
We started the business way back in 2002 at the local market level working with regional brands doing on-ground marketing campaigns in rural, semi-urban, and urban markets, beginning with one state, then neighborhood states, and finally at the Pan-India level, simultaneously working in multiple states over the period of time.
2005 – 2008
Understanding of consumer psychology
Working on-ground gave us enough understanding of consumer psychology, be it at the rural level interacting and dealing with villagers, farmers, traders, and influencers across the village, melas, mandees, etc., or at semi-urban or urban level working across touchpoints like shopping markets, schools, trade markets or important hangouts targeting audiences of all age-group be it kids at school, homemakers in societies, traders in the market and youth in hangout places, etc.
2009 – 2013
Multiple products and service categories
While working with all types of clients and multiple products and service categories, we got the opportunities to do a broad spectrum of services right, from brand visibility enhancement to audience engagement initiatives like BTL and rural brand activations, etc., achieving client sales and marketing objectives. We worked in numerous exhibitions, melas, roadshows, events, trade promotions, and rural campaigns. We conducted large-scale visibility programs like hoardings, wall paintings, and cinema branding for multiple clients across the length & breadth of the country.
2013 – 2017
Work directly with large corporations, MNCs reputed national brands
Experience of more than 15 years gave us enough confidence to work directly with large corporations, MNCs, and reputed national brands to help them with their day-to-day marketing requirements. Now we have been enjoying annual retainership with many clients for their 360-degree condition in brand and marketing, handling some of the brands right from their scratch to now at a very leading level.
2017 – 2020
Integrated approach
Now we love to get into the shoes of a marketer and weave the marketing strategy to address their pain areas by strategizing the right solution using an integrated approach, whether offline or online.


Ascent, the word explains our zest to climb up, fly higher & reach new heights by setting new standards for providing excellent services at every level.

The upward direction of the kites in our logo exhibits our strong determination to acquire constant growth and achieve higher milestones for our clients.

The togetherness of these kites depicts the integration of our services to attain communication objectives with maximum impact & mileage.

The deep blue colour of our logo symbolizes our confidence, expertise & dependability.

Different shades of blue explain the variety & innovation in our services.


The trump card that makes an organization a winner is the People, the ones we work with, work for, and work towards.

Ascent, the word says ‘Rise’. The rise of an organization depends on the single-most powerful force named ‘People’. 

We believe in reaching out to people directly without jumping through several hoops. People enjoy the attention, and if it’s undivided, it’s definitely better.

Ascent’s prowess lies in understanding people. What they want, and how we can help them achieve their needs.

We have a rich resource of manpower of diverse range right from marketing, client servicing, strategy, content, creative, operations streams to the in-charges/heads to manage the teams to fulfil client’s day to day requirements to periodic deliveries.

Innovation is not a buzz word at least for us as we have been religiously practising this with our team for many years. Given the opportunity, we try to fill in the innovation in some or the other way in the campaign so that value enhancement can be done for our clients. This is done with our approach of under commitment and over delivery as a success mantra.

We bagged many awards for our multiple innovations with our clients over the period of time.

Research & development is our integral part of the responsibilities of our team across the levels which keep us updated and agile to market movements and intelligence. We keep our client abreast with ever-changing developments and competitive approach so that corrective measures can be taken and appropriate strategies can be formulated to address the eventualities and proactive plan can be developed to be ahead in the market.

Right Solution For Your Marketing Problem

Getting into the shoes of our client, we give the solution with the right blend of our experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your operational area?
We have no restriction for consulting services and digital marketing services where we are operational across the globe. As far as offline services are concerned, we are restricted to India.
What types of clients do you handle?
There is no restriction of clients and product/service categories as we have handled the majority of categories and a diverse client range for different services. We love to take up any brief/requirement as per your need or problem statement. We love to address the problem by giving you cutting edge solutions leveraging our diverse experience.
Do you work on a project basis or retainer ship basis?
Both as per the suitability to the client.
What is the retainership fee model?
The retainership model is highly prevalent for any consultancy, digital marketing services, which are managed on a monthly retainer model for a minimum contract period of 1 year. Since brand, marketing, and digital or social media are such services that are to be continued for a longer period, the retainership model is highly preferred by clients, which also comes as a convenient and economic model.
Do you provide a dedicated account manager?
Yes, mostly all our services have the provision of a dedicated account manager.
How big is your team ?
We have a large team from different walks of life with a cumulative experience of more than 120 years from the brand, marketing, content, copy, strategy, design, technology, project implementation experience with brands of repute with a perfect blend of MNC, National and regional brands.
How is your process of handling the client's requirements?
We love to address clients’ business requirements addressing their pain areas by giving them cutting edge marketing solutions leveraging our in-depth marketing and industry experience. We take up the brief requirement and work upon it to share the queries with you to better understand the brief. Once all the details reach us, our strategy team starts working on it and shares the strategic plan online by setting up an online meeting. Once the idea or plan is approved, commercials are shared as per the budget. Once everything is okayed, the contract is signed off, and the relationship begins with you.
Do you charge for an online consultancy ?
Yes, depending on the consultation, we charge a fee. We provide you with online or offline consultancy depending on your problem statement. But yes, online consultancy would be economical as compared to offline.
What is the project fee model?
Some assignments are given on a project basis and not on a retainer basis are called the project basis fee models. Here, the fee is charged as per the project duration, complexity, involvement, man-hours basis. The project duration could be on a day or month basis. Here the client has the commitment of fee as per the delivery of services.
Can the annual contract/agreement be cancelled mid-way?
Yes, of course, it can be cancelled by giving us one-month prior notice.


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