Integrated Rural Marketing Services

Ascent is one the best rural marketing agencies in India providing integrated rural marketing as it’s one of the top rural marketing services.

The scope of rural marketing cannot be overstated, as there has been an increase in economic activity, an increase in rural consumers’ purchasing power, and an increase in demand for durables and nondurables. The role of children and women in decision-making is changing due to education and mass media. This, combined with extensive rural marketing research, opens the possibility of branding in rural marketing.

Rural marketing is a serious affair for any brand, marketer, or rural marketing agency; it needs long-term strategic marketing planning keeping all the business objectives on the table, including a sound thought-out execution plan with integrated rural marketing strategies and approach.

Our Approach to Intergrated
Rural Marketing Services

Creative engagement to entice the rural audience

Our team of anchors, promotors, and sales officers understands the benefits and requirements of your products.
They visit rural areas in India to organize multiple activities.

This creative engagement includes-


Engagement games

Suppose we are promoting cement sheets; then, in that case, we come up with the idea of a hammer game that reflects the strength of the cement sheet. Similarly, after understanding your product, we will create engagement games to drive the attention of your target audience.



The realistic story of farmers’ lives, including the ups and downs, is communicated in creative and visual ways to show the problem-solving mechanism of the product so that the farmers living in rural areas of India can reach prosperity by using your product. c – Our extensive biker team kickstarts the program for your company as per requirement in the target areas of rural India. It then reaches your target group’s doorsteps and popular places to collect their contact numbers, distribute leaflets, and so on to target footfalls in the main activity ultimately.

Exclusive Rural Marketing with Ascent

We strongly understand rural marketing’s importance and believe that rural planning can not be a copy-paste approach to urban planning and needs to be a dedicated and exclusive rural mindset plan without diluting the urban ecosystem. Hence, rural integration of multiple mediums like field activation, online, radio, outdoor, visibility, retail, digital, ambient, innovative media, etc., is our integrated rural marketing strategy to have high impact, desired reach, and coverage in a stipulated time to meet the ROI parameters.

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