Rural Influencer Marketing Solution for Right Decision Making

Ascent is one of the best rural marketing agencies in India. Rural influencer marketing is one of its most vital rural marketing services.

Influencer Marketing in Rural India Made Easy with Ascent

Influencers work in both urban and rural marketing. Still, they work more effectively in rural areas because the dynamics of rural marketing differ from urban ones. Low literacy, inadequate infrastructure, medical and educational facilities, low media and internet penetration, rural marketing research, and other factors cause influencers to work tirelessly and favorably in the rural ecosystem.

We strongly believe that people across rural areas look up to well-placed and educated individuals for advice; hence we identify each right rural influencer of the rural market whose opinions matter and who can influence the decision of the rural target audiences and then influence decision-making by marketing your product or service through/with them. Ascent, as a rural marketing consultancy, also suggests incorporating rural influencers in the rural branding and marketing approach.

Influencer Marketing in India for Rural Areas to Attract, Engage, and Build Strong Relationships

Our Approach to Rural Influencer
Marketing Services


Collaboration with rural influencers

influencers impacting rural India such as Sarpanch, Teachers, Postman, Anganwadi and Asha Workers, Traders, SHGs, Social Workers, CSCs, Village Level Entrepreneurs, and others play an essential role in educating and influencing rural people, both directly and indirectly. They play a significant role in rural brand promotion and rural brand marketing.


Rural influencers strengthen ties

Rural consumers show their inclination towards those products when a well-known person reaches out to give good reviews. Our team of rural influencers creates bonds of trust with your target audiences. Influencers’ branding boosts the presence of your brand and product by conveying the reviews and communicating in their languages.


Use of rural languages by influencers for effective connection

Our influencers in rural areas look at regional trends and issues to create more content, which helps connect with your rural audience. Therefore, rural languages can act as a springboard for your brand to connect with audiences and effective rural promotion. 

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