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Ascent offers the best retail visibility planning services for brands looking for optimal visibility and high brand recall.

Best Retail Visibility Planning

As the company’s final mile destination, retail is given special consideration due to the sheer advantage of conversion at the retail counter, where buying transactions occur in favor of the company. Regardless of a brand’s large budgets and spending across multiple mediums, dedicated, integrated, and synchronized planning for their retail network is required to ensure adequate visibility for high brand recall and enhancing conversion at the point of sale.

Looking at the current status of the retail network, we provide the best brand consulting by going the extra mile in suggesting and recommending retail makeover, i.e., retail changeover plan so that the entire look and feel gets changed and vital energy is fueled in the organization, its partners, and stakeholders meeting the desired messages and identity goals of the company.

Our Approach to Retail
Visibility Planning Services


Different Models of Retail Planning

We at Ascent have different models of retail planning where long-term, short-term, tactical, and strategic planning is done keeping the client’s objectives and budgets in mind. Our strategic retail planning and retail market strategies attract customers, increase awareness and drive more sales.


Retail Branding Solutions for all

We have retail brand solutions for all companies, whether small, medium, or big, with temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent retail branding solutions. Our retailer services teams offer more services and work with more retailers in stores driven by cutting-edge technology, actionable data, and dedicated, skilled colleagues.


Appropriate Branding Elements Solutions

At Ascent, we focus on a retail visibility strategy wherein we make sure your visuals appeal to boost retail business sales and strongly reflect your brand and product identity. We conceptualize and design appropriate branding elements for your retail space, resulting in innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective retail visibility solutions. This includes creating translate, signboard, flex board, posters, 3D board, LED boards, standees, ACP board, arch gate, and other innovative forms of branding based on your company’s needs.


Pan India Network for Retail Branding and Marketing Solutions

We at Ascent have a pan India network for retail branding solutions offering end-to-end solutions from strategic support, designing, and execution across the geographies in India. We also provide marketing strategies for retail planning that entail both traditional and digital marketing approaches.


Visibility and Marketing Strategies for retail business in India without a store planning

Other than the retail store plan, we also offer visibility and marketing strategies for retail brands. This includes using social media platforms, Facebook Ads to drive revenue, retargeting customers for increased conversions, Google shopping campaigns, and influencer marketing to create personalized and unique content.

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