Rural Marketing Research Services to Expand into Rural Markets

Ascent is one the best rural marketing agencies in India, providing services to clients willing to expand their business into rural markets.

Rural Marketing Research for Data-Driven Strategies

Before diving into the river, it’s always a good idea to check the depth of the water. Rural India is vast and diverse, posing numerous challenges before a marketer can accurately assess the success of expanding into rural markets.
It is recommended to conduct extensive rural market research for multiple objectives such as product launch, product relaunch, brand extension, rural retail expansion, rural retail satisfaction, competitor’s study, and so on, for any given market using various rural research methodologies.
We at Ascent get into the nitty-gritty and decide on the correct methodology by taking actual representative samples to arrive at results with a 99% accuracy level. In a nutshell, our rural marketing research in India is the systematic collection, analysis, design, and reporting of findings and data pertinent to specific rural marketing challenges the company encounters in the rural market.

Our Approach to Rural Marketing Research Services


Careful study

Our rural marketing research thoroughly examines your product design, physical distribution, markets, sales, and management in rural areas. In addition, our rural market survey team becomes familiar with the behavioral characteristics, psychographics, and demographics of your rural target market by doing primary and secondary research.


The rural market research process for product launch

Before the launch of your product in rural areas of India, we distribute free samples to popularize the product and gain acceptance among the people in rural areas so that we can do our primary research on how many people are inclined towards the product and gain insights and feedback on the product.


Rural market research for solutions to a problem

Companies like yours require information about their customers’ expectations, competitors, markets, and government policies in rural areas of India to make informed decisions. Our rural market research provides all of this information. As a result, companies targeting rural markets will educate themselves on the entire rural market scenario and tailor their rural marketing strategies accordingly.

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