Rural Farmer Meets Through the Proper Channels and With the Right Agenda

Ascent is one the best rural marketing agencies in India, providing the best rural farmer meets services and other rural marketing services to the clients.

Ascent Providing Rural Farmer Meets to Help You Achieve Better Results in Rural Campaigns

How can we talk about Rural India without mentioning farmers, who are an essential component of the entire rural ecosystem and contribute significantly to India’s GDP? India is an agricultural economy that relies heavily on agriculture and allied industries. Farmers are significant, especially for agriculture companies whose entire business depends on their decisions about Agri-Inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, micronutrients, and tractors, among other things.

Farmers’ meet is also effective for rural brand activation as it generates awareness and builds lasting connections with rural audiences. Being the best rural marketing consultancy and rural brand marketing services provider, we recognize the value of farmers, and reaching out to them for their betterment makes us feel blessed. As a result, we organize farmer meetings to showcase and educate them on our client’s products, solicit feedback, and cultivate a better rural marketing approach.

Reach Farmers in a Way That They Can Grasp and Remember You with Us

Our Approach to Rural Farmers Meet Services


Complete engagement

Understanding the importance of farmers, we at Ascent organize rural farmer meets with a comprehensive engagement plan for showcasing the product, its advantages, and benefits to them.


Database of farmers

We have a database of farmers from various territories, such as central India, northern India, western India, and southern India, which we use to plan these rural farmer meetings and mobilize them to get a good turnout for your company.


Educating the farmers

Rural farmers meet up to enable the company to inform farmers about its products and services while generating leads for future follow-ups and sales closures.


Interactive sessions

Interactive sessions with the rural target audience are done where a link between the features of your product requirements and the farmers’ preferences is defined. This is a considerable means of rural promotion of the product and enhancing awareness. We also arrange interactive sessions for our clients to meet farmers online.


Getting direct feedback to create better strategies

Farmers’ immediate feedback on the utility and pricing of the product can be obtained to cultivate better rural marketing strategies in India for future campaigns.


Practical Implementation

It is understood that a farmer is more likely to give attention to rural farmers’ meetings where he can get a remedy to his problems rather than one aimed at increasing product sales. Hence, we organize farmer meetings through the proper channels and decide on the best rural branding plan to make the most of it.

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