Rural Distribution Planning to Suit the Needs and Requirements of Businesses

Ascent is one of the best rural marketing agencies in India, providing the best rural distribution planning services and other rural marketing services for the business willing to expand in rural India.

Rural Distribution Planning Services for Business to Reach Out to Rural Customers

Rural distribution has proven to be a nightmare for most businesses due to its sheer size and scope, as well as a lack of suitable infrastructure such as road access and transit, as well as the variability of rural geographies. Many businesses do not expand beyond defined coverage zones, such as adjacent areas or tier 2 and 3 levels. Going deeper into micro, the interior adds high costs to the organization, making it unviable without a significant volume and frequency of transactions. Retail network expansion is necessary for any company that wants to anticipate demand for its product in existing or new markets and gain a significant market share.

Ascent can assist companies in reaching out to the most remote parts of the rural area in India by establishing a complete distribution network or addressing gaps in the existing network and increasing its efficiency to get better value in terms of developing and maintaining trade partner relationships. We, as a rural marketing agency, very well understand the importance of distribution channels, distribution planning, and control and hence develop distribution strategies for the rural market by doing thorough rural marketing research.

Our Approach to Rural
Distribution Planning Services


Bridging the void between you and your target audience

Distribution determines how available things and services to target audiences are. It entails bridging the gap between our client’s target audience and themselves. Moreover, rural channel development, rural dealer network development and rural retail network development are essential for a healthy relationship between clients and their potential audience.


Sustainable channel relationships

We work hard to engage potential customers for our clients by demonstrating their commitment to mutually beneficial relationships and including each distribution channel in a proper way to reach them at the right place and right time.



Haats and melas are used for demonstrations and distribution. Furthermore, if you are new to the rural market, melas are the most effective way to present your brand and a great place to implement product distribution strategies. Setting up a stall at Haats/melas is an excellent way to attract the attention of rural audiences to a business.


Regular adjustments

We alter our distribution techniques regularly to accommodate the nature and characteristics of rural Indian markets, which can differ dramatically from those of urban Indian markets.

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