Rural Brand Visibility for Far Greater Reach and Results

Ascent is one of the best rural marketing agencies in India, providing the best rural brand visibility services along with other rural marketing services.

Rural Brand Visibility Services: A Key to Brand Visibility in Rural Market

We are inspired by the philosophy ‘Jo dikhata hai voh bikta hai,’ which has produced results for many brands in rural India. Numerous categories, such as cement, innerwear, telecom, FMCG, and so on, believe in this philosophy and have been vying for space in every nook and cranny of the country to create and maintain top-of-mind recall. It has been scientifically ascertained that the greater the visibility, the greater the brand recall and conversion probability. Keeping this in mind, we develop each brand visibility strategy for brand visibility and brand awareness.

Ascent has contributed by experimenting with and innovating new formats beyond traditional ones, such as wall painting, digital wall branding, trolley branding, wall wraps, tin plates, chaupal branding, bus Branding, CSCs, rural retail branding, and so on as per of rural branding and visibility.

Our Approach


Visual identification of the product

Visual evokes emotions and opinions about your brand even before the prospects experience your product. This is included in each campaign.


The Go-to Option for Rural Brand Visibility

We motivate your target audience in rural areas by exhibiting materials such as signboards, banners, and other promotional items, delivering free product demonstrations, and handing out gifts. Outdoor advertising, like wall painting, is a specific technique to attract the attention of the locals.


Effective Use of Retail Outlets

Among the various types of rural marketing in India, shop branding has a strong brand impact. When a brand is promoted near a retail outlet, the target audience is more likely to purchase the product out of curiosity.

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