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Strategic Rural Marketing Agency

Looking at the size of the rural market, i.e., 65% of the total population living in rural India, contributes around 25-30% to India’s GDP with extensive demographic and geographic profiles with different languages, food preferences, diverse cultures, and religions, it’s apparent to see the rural planning with a strategic perspective and to leave aside ad-hoc, or copy-paste approaches about the grand Indian rural market.

We at Ascent have the habit of getting into the details of the brief, slicing and dicing deeper into more refined information about all the aspects of the brief like target group, influencers, targeted geographies, their buying behavior, and pattern, studying the market, competition, past performances, etc. and then finally coming up with healthy thought-out rural marketing strategies which work well in the market delivering desired results in stipulated time.

With the experience of 20 years in the field dealing with many brands, and handling campaigns, our ideas, concepts, and strategies of rural marketing are made by looking at the feasibility and practicality measures so that execution gets exact translation and no stark difference comes as a surprise to the client.

Rural marketing in India

Case Studies

A glimpse of our rural advertising strategy and rural marketing strategy, planning, and execution

Our Offerings

Rural marketing in India

Strategic Rural Planning

Our rural advertising agency comprehends the goals of the client's rural planning initiatives and develops a rural planning strategy for the activation and development of brands.

Retail marketing Rural advertising agency

Rural Retail Visibility

For long-term business ties and mutual benefits, establish and maintain positive relationships with rural retailers because they are the best people to keep involved in the industry.

Integrated rural marketing

Integrated Rural Marketing

Our integrated rural marketing plan must have a significant impact, the appropriate reach, and coverage in a given amount of time to achieve the ROI requirements.

Rural marketing strategies

Rural Market Launch Planning

Ascent Team conducts in-depth research on the most recent rural trends and deeply understands consumer thinking to create a brand launch strategy and work on product strategy for rural marketing,

Rural marketing consulting service

Rural Marketing Consultancy Services

From the early stages of a product's development to its full-fledged growth stage, Ascent offers 360-degree rural marketing consultancy and brand consultancy in India.

Rural congregation planning

Rural Congregation Planning

Activate your brand with a cost-effective method of reaching rural audiences by using a more direct strategy that involves going from village to village and house to house.

Rural influencer marketing

Rural Influencer Marketing

We sell our client's product or service through or with each relevant rural influencer in the rural market whose opinions count and who can influence the choices of the rural target consumers.

Rural farmer meeting

Rural Farmers Meet

We arrange farmer gatherings to present and inform them about our clients' products, get their opinions, and develop a more effective rural marketing strategy.

Rural van marketing

Rural Van Marketing

Ascent offers a variety of customizations, specially designed rural marketing strategies, and van branding ideas for meaningful involvement of TG in rural areas in India, etc.

Rural advertising agency planning

Rural Conceptual Planning

Our conceptualized planning and campaign creation with the target group, competitors, and brief in mind will help you achieve the desired results for your business.

Rural distribution planning

Rural Distribution Planning

Filling in the gaps in the current network and boosting efficiency can help you acquire more value in terms of establishing and keeping relationships with trading partners.

Rural data management

Rural Data Management Solutions

Get rural call management services, including content targeting, sharing, and developing plans for offline and online campaign design.

Rural brand visibility

Rural Brand Visibility

We help rural brands become more visible by experimenting and creating new formats outside the norm.

Rural video advertising

Technology-led Engagement

Break up the monotony using various brand interaction tools and techniques with our service to help your target audience remember your brand.

Rural call center

Rural Call Center

Get in touch with our rural advertising agency for multilingual calling services that will enable you to concentrate on forming connections with qualified prospects.

Puppet shows as a rural advertising strategy

Folk Media

Our carefully planned folk media marketing campaign offers edutainment and engages the minds and hearts of the rural populace via an effective folk media method.

Rural market research

Rural Market Research

We take actual representative samples to provide results with a 99% accuracy level, down to the nitty-gritty, and choose the proper methodology.

Ready to Touch the Hearts of the Rural Audiences with Cutting-Edge Rural Marketing Strategies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your rural marketing agency different from others?

We at Ascent come with 20 years of hardcore experience working with many national, MNC, and regional brands to help them reach out to their audiences and engage them. Our experience is a big differentiator which brings enormous value to the client in the formulation of cutting-edge rural marketing strategies and executing them across online and offline mediums with a solid back-end team to handle and manage large-size projects and monitor them to get the total value for the money, hence achieving ROI benchmarks for the client.

There are hundreds of service providers available in the market that miss the decisive points of rural marketing strategies, ideas, and Implementation of small or large projects with the lowest investments, lowest wastage, and higher returns. We become different from the rest with our qualities and habits of innovation, experimentation, research, processes and practices, system and procedures, and adherence to values so that the client wins all the time.

How do you give the best value to clients connecting you for their rural campaigns?

We are the rural marketing agency in India that gives integrated rural marketing plans with excellent hands-on experience in all possible mediums,i.e., offline marketing or BTL marketing, Online marketing or Digital rural marketing, and mobile marketing, to give the best value to the client.

We are the agency that coined Digital Rural Marketing and contributed to rural marketing in India. We have constantly been educating the client/ marketing fraternity about Digital Rural Marketing and its practices, where our clients have successfully leveraged its true potential.

How can you help in promoting my products in rural areas of India?

We, first of all, understand your business by knowing in and out about your business, your objectives, past marketing activities, your competitor, your products/services, etc. Once we know the nitty-gritty of business, we can effortlessly strategize and plan your rural marketing initiative keeping your goals and expectations in mind. We don't work merely as an executor; instead act as a rural marketing partner, planner, and brand custodian giving you the solutions for rural promotion which work in the market and achieve your business goals.

What gives you the confidence to work for clients planning rural marketing campaigns in India?

Our experience of more than 20 years in the market gives our Team enough confidence to conceptualize, plan and execute any size of the rural marketing campaign in India with a high level of efficiency and ROI assurance.

We have a PAN India network planning and executing sizable rural marketing India campaigns with a backup of an experienced team to oversee the ground-level project to correct the marketing plan.

At Ascent, you get a 360-degree approach to any rural marketing project, whether as a consultant working with you on a retainer basis or a project basis for a stipulated time. We give you an integrated rural marketing solution combining offline marketing, i.e., BTL marketing or Digital Marketing and mobile marketing, to provide the brand with a holistic approach.

What is included in your BTL marketing campaigns?

In offline marketing or BTL marketing campaigns, we include custom-made activities like van campaigns, farmer meets, haat, mela, mandi activation, door contacts, and brand visibility campaigns like wall painting, wall printing, wall wraps, ATM branding, APMC branding, Public places branding, etc.

What does your digital marketing for rural markets include?

Our digital marketing campaign for rural markets covers Facebook marketing, youtube marketing, paid marketing campaigns, video promotion, OTT visibility, search engine optimization activities, Online reputation management, product launch campaigns, etc.

What do mobile marketing campaigns for rural markets include?
Our mobile marketing campaign specifically for rural markets include text messaging, OBD voice call, missed calls, Call Centre, WhatsApp marketing, farmers' meet on the mobile, mobile conference, etc.
What is included in trade marketing activities?
Our trade marketing activities specifically for rural markets include retailer loyalty programs, retail branding, retail merchandising, retail activation, trade relationship marketing, trade scheme planning, trade launch activities, etc.
How does Ascent, one of the best rural marketing agencies in India, approach rural marketing?

Rural marketing in India is a deep subject that marketers should rightly study and understand to justify the brand wherever they operate. As you know, India is a large and diverse country with many languages and thousands of dialects, with cultural differences every 50 miles in the rural geographies. As rural marketing specialists, we work as rural marketing consultants and partner with clients for their growth and achieving their business goals in the hinterland.

We take the systematic and strategic rural advertising approach to work with any client for their rural project needs, whether for the short term or long term, whether as a retainer agency or as a consultant based on the project with defined objectives.

We consult an integrated marketing approach to our client to extract the full potential of the rural area, i.e., working with offline marketing, online marketing, and mobile marketing for a better communication impact.

Do you offer a holistic plan for the clients?
We strategize a holistic plan for the client and do hand-holding throughout the engagement tenure with complete responsibility for achieving desired results. We take utmost care in choosing the good resources per the rural project requirement and do the training and subsequent monitoring, analysis, and course correction along with the project's progress.
How do you work for rural marketing projects?
We work as rural marketing strategists and partner with clients for their rural marketing projects. We get into the marketer's shoes and then formulate the marketing strategies for them by actually realizing their pain areas by studying their business thoroughly. We restrict ourselves to jumping over the solutions without actually knowing the inside story of the marketer.
What rural marketing strategies do you follow?

We strategize holistically and formulate cutting-edge rural marketing solutions by combining different methodologies like offline marketing, Online marketing or Digital rural Marketing, and mobile marketing to arrive at the client's best value, minimizing waste and enhancing the ROI benchmarks.

We understand the target audiences of the client's business with its competitors, products, market, etc., to arrive at the right marketing solutions and then start implementing them in a phased manner if it's a long-term association with the brand. We strategize to ascertain clients' rural marketing objectives, especially brand visibility, engagement, and lead generation. We try to achieve them by deploying various rural marketing strategies using offline, online, and mobile platforms.

We apply rural marketing strategies like Integrated Rural Marketing, Digital Rural Marketing, Visibility enhancement, Rural Trade Marketing, Rural Influencer Marketing, Engagement and lead generation, Trade Loyalty, Rural Mobile App strategies, Low budget strategies, High decibel campaign strategies, etc.

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