Rural Market Launch Planning for Brands

Ascent is one of the best rural marketing agencies in India, providing a strategic product launch marketing plan as it’s one of the top rural marketing services.

Effective Rural Market Launch Planning in India Combined with Rural Marketing Strategies.

In contrast to urban marketing, the rural market presents different challenges to marketers due to its different constitutions. Rural markets of India are geographically scattered with shifting attitudes, purchasing habits, preferences, choices, habits, consumption patterns, and so on.

Hence, Ascent adopted a strategic approach for product launch in the rural market. From rural brand activation to rural product launch plan, this rural marketing agency in India stays dedicated. The team does thorough research of the latest rural trends and understands the consumer mindset, which helps them develop brand launching strategy and work on product strategy in rural marketing.

Our Rural Market Launch
Planning Approach


Segmentation to learn about the target audience

To be more efficient and learn about our client’s rural target audience and their needs and wants, we use Demographic, Psychographic, Geographic, and Behavioral segmentation as our first step in the rural market launch planning.


Targeting to evaluate and select the segments

We investigate and identify the differences between the segments before comparing the market offer to the expectations and desires of each rural segment.


Positioning to occupy a unique place in the target audience's mind

We identify special features of the product, select the advantages over our client’s competitors, and finally communicate the same to the target audience in the rural market of India.


Value proposition and differentiation to make good sense

We make your potential rural audience experience your product through effective communication and rural go-to-market strategy, which means we make them understand why they should have the product, covering all of the best aspects of your product that make you better and differentiates you from your competitors’ product.

Willing to Launch Brands and Products in Rural Market?

Our rural market launch service is only recommended for players serious about entering or expanding their markets into deeper rural areas in India. Getting a response takes time, and marketers must be patient.

Ascent considers various elements and parameters when developing rural market launch plans for brands, with the goal of not looking back and successfully implementing rural market strategies to reach rural footprints with continued and accelerated sales response year after year.

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