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5 Digital Marketing Metrics That Matter

Who doesn’t want to take off with next-level digital marketing? If you’re serious about your digital marketing strategy, we believe none of you would say No. However, it’s not that simple, but with the digital marketing metrics, you’ll be able to gauge your success for the desired results.

What Are Metrics in Digital Marketing

Metrics in Digital Marketing

When it comes to how to measure digital marketing success,  metrics come in as a big picture. These metrics are the values that can be measured to show the viability of the elements of the business. 

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Metrics?

As we head toward a more evolving digital world, it’s not easy to measure digital marketing campaigns’ effectiveness. Still, you have metrics that can be used to measure almost all the elements of digital marketing strategy. With metrics on your mind, you can return every time to check what’s performing well and what needs correction.

Hence, a solid digital marketing strategy with well-defined digital marketing metrics is a must-have to measure the success of online activity and efforts to maximize the marketing campaigns, enhance websites’ performance, recognize the target audience, and budget planning.

Although the metrics you need to track are entirely dependent on your business objectives, we’ve compiled a list of 5 digital marketing metrics for you to use as a starting point for evaluating the success of your digital marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing Key Metrics 

Traffic Source 

Knowing where your site visitors are coming from and which keywords drove them there can help you determine where you stand and which aspects of your digital marketing plan to concentrate on.

Suppose most of the traffic is coming from a single source, then it’s because you invested a lot on that channel. Nevertheless, it isn’t the quantity, but it’s the quality that matters, as the valued traffic sources are the ones that entice visitors to convert. 

Digital Marketing Key Metrics Traffic Source

Organic search, Referral, Direct traffic, social traffic, Email traffic, Display traffic, Paid search are a few well-known best traffic sources.

Site Speed 

Can you wait for a long time to let the website load? Well, most of us will say No because site speed is crucial in determining how good a user’s experience is. And most importantly, even a fraction of a second makes a big difference.

Site Speed of Digital Marketing Key Metrics 

So without a doubt, if in case any page on your site loads slowly; a user will most probably depart and seek information from another page that loads fast. 

Therefore, if you want users to stay on your site for an extended period, engaged with the content rather than waiting for it to load, you must know that the website performance metrics are essential.

Bounce Rate 

If ever you thought that I’m getting Internet traffic from everywhere, but there is no conversion. The reason behind this is Bounce Rate. So, why is the Bounce Rate important becomes a matter of concern.

Bounce Rate of Digital Marketing

The percentage of views on your site is known as the bounce rate. Users tend to leave as instantly as they appear without taking action. These actions may be for purchase, link clicking, or filling out a form. This could be due to various variables that are difficult to quantify, such as your content being irrelevant to their needs. 

So like almost every problem has a solution, there are hacks to reduce bounce rates too. If you notice a high bounce rate, have a glance at your site’s keywords and content to make it evident that you’re providing searchers with meaningful and accurate information.

Return on Investment (ROI)  

ROI is the return you get on your initial digital investment, and what is used to calculate the ROI metric is the website traffic that converts into new engaging customers or leads. This metric will also support you in determining which aspects of your digital marketing plan are generating sales and money and which parts require attention or development.

Return on Investment (ROI)

If you have a compelling return on investment, it implies that your digital campaigns are drawing in more money than you are using them. It’s critical to demonstrate digital marketing ROI since, without it, you’re not going to understand what’s working and what isn’t.

However, not all digital campaigns have an end goal of conversions. You may be having a goal to build awareness or get customers into the bucket of the marketing funnel. So, eventually, how to measure ROI in digital marketing will rely on your goals.

Conversion Rate (CVR)  

Conversion Rate is the percentage of people who viewed your site and then took the needed action. These actions may vary depending on the type of business you have, such as a price link, adding a product to a cart, watching the product video, or clicking on about us

Conversion Rate (CVR)

Ultimately, your digital marketing success is deduced by how many site visitors converted into leads or sales. Nonetheless, your goal could be anything other than converting site visits into sales, like collecting information about your potential audience or visitors. 

Conversion rate, when used appropriately as digital marketing metrics, will help you learn which ingredients of your marketing strategy are yielding the most significant results.

Take The Stairs to Success

Take The Stairs to Success

Without a doubt, there are many digital marketing campaign metrics available. Also, by now, you must have got a better insight into the metrics that are relevant to your company.

The metrics we’ve mentioned in this article will take you towards success; hence getting acquainted with them is essential so that you aren’t shocked when you meet obstacles in the open ocean of business while applying digital marketing strategy.

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