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Ascent is one of the best marketing consulting agencies in India dedicated to developing and enhancing brand identities that reflect business objectives and values. We have an expert consulting team to assist brands throughout their consulting journey.

Ascent Strategic Marketing Consulting Services to Attract, Engage, Capture Leads, Drive Sales

A brand travels a long journey from its inception to the growth stage facing many challenges of proper introduction, brand identity development, acceptance, and rejections at the channel level than at the consumer level and getting on the mode of repeat orders & a spike in sales. Multiple stages of travel can be smoothened if the right brand strategy is followed with the right and timely actions with proper hand-holding and review by the strategic marketing consulting team, experts, and top management.
It’s the utmost responsibility of a brand to create and maintain its significance in the market and minds of its TG and influencers by continuously getting engaged in the brand communications, directly and indirectly, to establish the right image and position in the right mind frame so that demand enhances over the period of time and doesn’t get affected or tarnished by any reason be it external or internal.
Ascent – the marketing consulting agency plays a very strategic role with client organizations acting as a brand custodian and leading the brand to meet its objectives of brand introduction, product launches, relaunches, formulating sales promotion strategies targeting primary, secondary, and tertiary level customers and influencers for creating a high level of acceptance and maintain a steady demand so that brand continues a prosperous journey by achieving objectives and setting up new benchmarks in the industry.

Brand equity is developed over time by constantly working on the brand through multiple mediums, whether ATL, BTL, Digital, or Outdoor. The digital platform gives an opportunity to continually engage the TG through multiple channels with appropriate and strategic content planning for the calendar year.

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Marketing Consulting Services


Marketing Collateral

Every piece of marketing collateral is developed under the direction of experts to improve visibility and marketing communications efficiency. With years of experience in creating business marketing collateral to showcase its brand message, Ascent is constantly adding value and providing a seamless experience to both clients and their potential audience and customers.


Brand Identity Development

Ascent is committed to developing a brand identity that will last long beyond the sale. Our strategy includes brand identity design, content creation, etc. Every strategy under brand identity services, whether brand identity design or content development, is meticulously developed and managed by expert professionals.


Go-To-Market Strategy

Before preparing for launch, relaunch, or entry into a new market, we understand the client’s market, target group, product or service offering, competitive differentiator, and pain issues. You can increase the chance of a successful product/service launch and ensure the creation of an effective customer experience with us.


New Product Launch Services

We delve into the finer points of briefs to build a tactical product launch with a carefully woven theme, keeping the target demographic, target market, and product’s USPs in mind. Ascent provides reliable new product launch marketing services to help brands launch new products and services. Boost business advantages with new product launches.


Trade Marketing

Build a strong relationship between the brand and the retailer, amplify the brand’s message, build a stronger voice and presence inside the stores, and work with us to boost product demand. Ascent develops and implements trade marketing strategies to increase awareness, promote products, increase sales, and gain market share. Draw the attention of both retailers and customers with us.


Retail Visibility Planning

At Ascent, we put a lot of effort into ensuring that your visuals appeal to improve retail business sales and strongly express your brand and product identity. Ascent offers one of the best retail visibility planning services for brands looking for optimal visibility and high brand recall. We have a pan India network for retail branding and marketing solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a brand consulting agency do?

A brand consulting agency works as a marketing partner with the brand and helps the marketer fulfill its vision in creating the brand, maintaining and uplifting the brand equity by constantly investing in the brand's right energy, time, and money.

In today's highly competitive world, it's challenging to create and build up a brand with optimized investments to maintain profitability and achieve ROI. A brand consulting agency gets into the marketer's shoes. It creates the plan for brand identity and engagement to be in the mind space of its target audiences and other organizational stakeholders. 

It's the utmost responsibility of every brand consultant to handle the brand so that its image gets enhanced and shines over time, eventually helping the brand fulfill its multiple objectives like achieving sales and winning the trust of its internal and external stakeholders. 

How should I hire the right marketing consulting agency?

It's a must for any brand to seek the help of a marketing and consulting agency to decide the roadmap rightly and follow it to achieve the organization's marketing objectives. Marketing consulting agencies work as a lighthouse and make the roadmap of success by holding it amid competition through various stages of product life.

While searching for the right marketing consultancy, you should do the right homework by exploring it not only through the internet but by discussing it with your colleagues and counterparts for their references. Getting the right marketing partner is like finding the life partner, as any mistake in the process might spoil time, energy, and money and bring the brand into an unwanted situation. Any right strategic marketing consulting has a successful track record of working with many brands of national and multinational repute across different product categories and offering other brand and marketing solutions with a proven track record. 

There is a clear-cut distinction between working with a freelancer or an unorganized or experienced service provider and a well-experienced and established brand marketing agency. You can enjoy rich agency resources with the right team, mindsets, infrastructure, and a trail of clients with them. Most importantly, you get access to the best consulting strategies.

As a marketing strategy consulting service provider, we don't just assist our clients in developing a sound strategy; we also help them put that strategy into action, offering the tools, diagnostics, and benchmarks they need to revolutionize how they serve their consumers and earn their long-term loyalty.

Who needs marketing consulting services?

Whether small, medium, or large, all types of businesses need marketing consulting services from their inception to the maturity stage of business, irrespective of categories, products, or services. In today's rapid world where everything is fast-moving, it becomes challenging for marketers to understand the plethora of marketing mediums/platforms and ever-evolving business situations and market volatility to have the right foot forward. 

Brands can very quickly depend upon experienced and established brand marketing consulting services for their deep understanding of the market and various aspects of marketing like competitors, market, products, consumer psyche, etc., where agencies can rightly guide the brand on its path of success. At the same time, it's multiple marketing decisions and investments by the marketer. 

Creating and building a brand is a daunting task for any marketer, which he can't handle alone. A marketing consulting agency that works across product/service categories with many sizes of brands/businesses brings immense value to the table for any marketer in terms of diversity, novelty, and time-proven results with better ROI.

How do brand consulting services create an ultimate brand strategy?

A strong brand image is the result of an effective strategy. It serves as the foundation upon which everything else is built. As a result, each of your branding initiatives must be tied to a specific strategic objective. By providing general and in-depth marketing expertise, brand consulting services assist businesses in successfully selling their products and services while meeting businesses' goals and objectives. They are intelligent enough to create and portray the brand's values by contributing their expertise to help clients build, manage, and evaluate a successful brand identity. 

What is the role of brand strategy consulting services?

Brand strategy consulting services involve assisting clients in assessing, evaluating, and analyzing their brand identity, performance, and strategy by providing expert advice and insights into ways to revitalize their brands.

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