Increase User Retention and Acquisition with a Mobile Marketing Strategy That is Consistent and Long-Lasting

Ascent provides one of the best mobile marketing services in India to increase user acquisition and retention with mobile marketing strategies.

Mobile Marketing Agency Taking Care of the Entire Spectrum of Your Mobile Marketing Needs

Ascent is the best mobile marketing agency in India, covering all of a company’s app marketing needs, from development to marketing. Brand collaboration is essential to us. As a full-service mobile marketing agency, we make every effort to achieve effective results while also providing a report on mobile marketing campaigns. Our team of mobile marketing in India develops long-term strategies after conducting extensive research and understanding of the client’s business.

Why Mobile Marketing Services?

Using effective mobile marketing techniques to reach a growing number of potential clients by delivering marketing messages results in high levels of engagement. Due to the digital explosion, it is predicted that sixty percent of India’s population will have smartphones with fast and consistent data connectivity by 2025. So, with the boost in mobile usage, the purchasing pattern will go up, and market potential will rise. Despite the high illiteracy, the penetration of mobile phones all over India remains high. According to Statista’s prediction, it is expected to grow to 81.31 % by 2026.
People in the villages of India now have access to and actively utilize mobile phones. Now, just 2% of the population uses landlines. The number of people who own mobile phones is higher than those who own televisions in rural India. Hence, hiring the best mobile marketing agency in India is essential for developing an integrated, customized mobile marketing strategy and services that achieve the intended immediate and long-term company objectives.

Mobile Marketing Services


Mobile App Marketing
and Development

We carefully plan, assist, and create mobile app promotion and custom messaging strategies. We also focus on visuals that leave a lasting impression and increase visibility. Get better user engagement, and increase in-app conversions, app installs, and app rankings with our mobile app marketing services.
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WhatsApp Marketing

Our WhatsApp marketing services will make interacting with customers easy. Increase your brand awareness, build user loyalty, increase online visibility and boost your company’s growth with us.
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Vernacular Text SMS Marketing

Engaging the target audience in their local language is essential for effective communication. By interacting with your target audience in their native language, the Vernacular Text SMS function allows you to speak directly with them, enhancing your chances of conversion. We text in the target audience’s language. Engaging customers in their native language is a surefire way to gain positive feedback and active participation. We employ brand-friendly shortcodes precisely when using SMS for larger-scale mobile marketing goals. We establish a personal connection with your customers by sending vernacular text SMS, allowing them to respond and provide you with vital feedback on your items.


Voice Messages (OBD)

Voice messages (OBD) is an automated message that essentially delivers a pre-recorded voice message to the customer that can be sent to an end number of target users at any given time in the language of choice. This technology is frequently used as one of the essential marketing strategies for alerting communities, notifications, business applications, or promotional purposes. It’s a promising means to generate leads with minimum investment. Our OBD Voice Message is being created & disseminated in vernacular languages in 60/30 seconds capsule format. This includes delivering a story and making your target audience take the call to action resulting in 100% planned reach. We target your audience based on demographic, behavior, and consumption pattern and then deliver vernacular audio content for easy grasping and hyper-relevance. Also, we do contest integration to keep the consumer engaged. Our OBD voice message strategy is the easiest and most cost-effective way to reach your target audience with a custom message that gives a personal touch to make a difference by applying a compelling call to action.


Miss Call Alert Service

Missed call marketing strategy is a remarkable mobile marketing strategy that encourages other forms of advertising. It uses a general practice by letting users reach out at no cost. Moreover, Missed call alert service is the shortest route to reach new customers & indispensable for businesses these days. We publish missed call numbers with our marketing media campaign like brochures, flyers, pamphlets, etc. Interested prospects call on the missed call number or the assigned virtual phone numbers used in the mobile marketing campaign. Also, when we have to offer a deal, we use this missed call marketing strategy so that the customers who wish to avail the discount will give a missed call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of your mobile marketing services in India?

For any marketer, whether its small, medium, or large enterprise, it’s a must to have the mobile marketing strategy in their media plan for its many advantages over other conventional mediums like newspaper, TVC, radio, outdoor, etc., where measurability is the central issue for any marketer to get the excellent value of its marketing dollars. It becomes a cost-effective medium compared to other ATL mediums like newspaper, TVC, Radio, Outdoor, etc., where measurability is the primary issue, and you can’t track where your investments are going.

Because mobile reach and penetration are now available everywhere, you may reach out to all urban or rural markets and target audiences as needed for your business. Even feature phone users in rural India can be targeted by sending them text messages and using innovative voice OBD and missed call marketing services, which are becoming more popular in rural areas.

WhatsApp marketing is popular among people of all ages and genders in India, providing marketers with a huge opportunity to promote their products and communicate with their consumers, whether end-users or business partners. Smartphones support all types of media, so not only text but also images, videos, and GIFs can be shared for a higher level of engagement.

Why should mobile marketing services agency instead of hiring in-house?

Mobile marketing agencies have more experience in mobile marketing because they have worked with a variety of niche businesses. They also have the necessary resources and a proper management system to manage, develop, and implement all the required strategies for their client's business growth.

Hiring an in-house member is fine, but they will be working on the same project for a long time, resulting in some significant issues being overlooked. However, agencies can detect problems while analyzing and producing reports. As a result, rather than hiring individuals, it is preferable to hire a mobile marketing agency.

What are the recommendations for good mobile marketing for businesses?

Making content easy to read and mobile-friendly for people is one helpful recommendation. So many people use mobile apps on their mobile devices; if you're currently delivering planning to market through your mobile app, then keeping it mobile-friendly is an excellent place to start for mobile marketing in India. Also, ensure your information is readable on mobile devices.

Another smart move is to make sure your business is listed on search applications. Encourage consumers to snap photos, write reviews, and share content about your company on social media with their phones. Do App Store Optimization to increase your app's visibility in the app store; this will increase the number of downloads and loyal users.

Using WhatsApp marketing as a mobile marketing strategy can benefit your business as most active internet users are using WhatsApp. Miss call marketing is yet another tremendous mobile marketing strategy for rural India.

What are the benefits of mobile marketing for marketers?
Mobile advertising and marketing methods are continually expanding, and they have shown to be the backbone of success for thousands of modern businesses. Mobile marketing is becoming a more integral part of any marketing strategy as people use smartphones as their most personal media platforms. Companies and marketers can reach their customers by using them as a marketing channel.
What does a mobile marketing agency do?

A mobile marketing agency works as a strategic partner for mobile marketing services to the client, whether on a retainer or project basis. Mobile marketing encompasses holistic mobile marketing solutions like text messaging, Voice OBD, Call Centre, Missed Call, Whatsapp Marketing, Mobile App Development, Mobile app promotion, mobile app download, Mobile UX/UI, Mobile App SEO, Mobile Engagement activities, etc.

These mobile marketing services are divided into components like Mobile App Marketing and development. Under Mobile promotion, we can promote the brand/service of the company among its target audiences by deploying multiple activities mentioned above.

Under the Mobile Apps Development and download service, we handle the requirement of clients in coming up with a new mobile application as per their requirement and then further doing the download exercise to enhance and users and then finally making the roadmap of their further mobile app marketing engagement regularly so that brand achieves its objectives of having mobile app profitably.

Most marketers don’t get into the Nitty-gritty of Mobile apps and miss on some vital points like relevancy of target audience, right download, meaningful engagement, and further sustenance of mobile apps for maintaining their significance.

We strategize the brand's right mobile app marketing solutions by getting into the marketer's shoes and formulating the strategy so that they get the suitable marketing mobile app downloads, better further engagement, stickiness with the app, and usability of features for its meaningfulness.

Why should I consider taking mobile marketing services?

Any marketer, brand owner, or business owner should consider mobile marketing in India as its strategic medium to reach out to its audiences and influence them. In today’s mobile age, when most of us spend our time on mobile, it becomes strategic to move with a robust plan and its inclusion in the client's overall mobile marketing plan.

It becomes a cost-effective medium compared to other ATL mediums like newspaper, TVC, Radio, Outdoor, etc., where measurability is the major issue, and you can’t track where your investments are going. You can reach out to all the markets, whether urban or rural target audiences, as per your business requirement since mobile reach and penetration are now available everywhere. Even feature phone users in rural India can also be targeted by sending them text messages and innovative voice OBD and missed call services which are getting a higher level of acceptance in rural geographies.

WhatsApp marketing is being liked and accepted by all ages, and gender across the markets in India, which gives enormous opportunity to the marketer to use it to promote their product/services and engage with their audiences, whether end-users or trade partners. Smartphones are compatible with all types of media; hence not only text but images, videos, and GIFs can be shared for a higher level of engagement.

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