10 Powerful Strategies for Mobile App Marketing

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Powerful Strategies for Mobile App Marketing

10 Powerful Strategies for Mobile App Marketing

Your app may have taken a significant amount of time and effort to address market demand and benefit from it. Alternatively, it could be a critical component of your overall marketing strategy for which you require robust and actionable user data to conduct more effective market research. Regardless of why you created your app, developing an effective app marketing strategy is critical.

app marketing strategy

You can’t just rely on word of mouth to get the word out about your app. To entice users to want, use, and talk about your app, you must first understand and leverage the mobile marketplace, as well as employ the appropriate marketing strategies. So, how do you put the more effective strategy in place?

This article will cover why your business needs strategies for mobile app marketing and a list of 10 effective mobile app marketing strategies.

Why Does Your Business Need Mobile App Marketing Strategy? 

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Mobile app marketing may be defined as the process of directing app users through the five stages of the mobile app marketing funnel: Exposure, Consideration, Conversion, Customer Relationship, and Retention.  

Mobile app marketing

With over four million apps available for download from the world’s biggest app stores, businesses know that a diligent marketing strategy is the only way to stand out in today’s app industry. 

Mobile app marketing encompasses all of their interactions from the moment a user learns about a product to the moment they become a committed user. Defining a target audience, knowing how to reach them, communicating with them, and evaluating their in-app activity to make continual changes as users travel through the acquisition funnel are all part of efficient mobile app marketing. 

Finally, the goal of a mobile app strategic marketing plan should be to attract consumers who would engage with the product again and become dedicated advocates.

Strategies for Mobile App Marketing

Strategies for Mobile App Marketing

Following are the best marketing strategies for mobile app- 

Conduct Market Research And Create User Persona

Not conducting adequate market research is one of the most typical blunders in mobile app marketing. No matter how good your marketing is, if you don’t know whether you’re targeting the right audience at the right time and if your app doesn’t solve a user problem or solves a problem for which there is already a successful app solution, it will fail. 

Create User Persona

User personas also address the user’s primary goals and the present issues. In-depth user personas serve as the cornerstone for the user journey, allowing you to tailor every aspect of your mobile app marketing to the needs of each of your consumers. Everything about your app, from the branding and in-app content to the functionality, features, and platform selection, must appeal to your target customer for an effective marketing strategy.

Do App Store Optimization to Get More Downloads

It is no longer about designing a business app but rather about getting it in front of the right people. With over 4 million mobile apps in the app store right now, it’s critical to get yours noticed, even if it’s a time-consuming process. 

Get More Downloads

And, because search is the most popular way for people to find information on their phones, your app must perform well for its primary keywords and phrases. 

So what should you do?

For effective app store optimization, you need to know your target consumer and their search terms. This means making the app title as keyword-rich as possible. These keywords must appear in the title, description, and tags.

Keyword research has been completed. Is that sufficient? No

Remember that it isn’t just about keywords. It is also necessary to promote your mobile apps.

Hence, when it comes to strategies for mobile app marketing, a business should share the URL on relevant discussion forums and give the app away for backlinks from authoritative sites. Also, share on social media

Leverage Push Notifications

A push notification is a message to tell users about new updates, posts, events, and more that appear on a smartphone or tablet even if they aren’t actively using it.

Push Notifications

Sending push notifications increases app retention rates by 3 to 10 times. You’ll have a leg up on retention if you can get app users to opt in to get push notifications. According to Airship data, rich push notifications with visuals have a 56 percent greater direct open rate. 

You can employ a variety of push notifications for eCommerce, mobile marketing, and digital marketing in general.

Make Your App Visible Online 

Your mobile app marketing relies heavily on social networking. It is not to be overlooked. You’ll need a well-thought-out strategy to make the most of social media. Create groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms instead of just having a profile. It’s not only an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded people, but it’s also the most effective strategy to boost your app’s visibility. 

App Visible Online 

Additionally, make interesting content and share it. Agencies offering Mobile app marketing services suggest that aesthetically enhanced content is required because a picture is worth a thousand words. Participate in live debates and leave thoughtful comments. When answering inquiries or providing meaningful feedback, avoid being promotional. Remember that you’re creating your online reputation in a roundabout way that will ultimately help you in mobile app marketing.

Consistently Emphasize Unique Aspects And Mobile App Personalization

Unique Aspects And Mobile App Personalization

The only thing that matters to your potential mobile app customers is the problem that it can help them address. As a result, explicitly define the unique answer that your app provides to keep your existing customers and attract even more users.

Mobile App Personalization is all about personalizing the app experience to a single user’s demands. 

Mobile App Personalization

According to Accenture, 91 percent of customers prefer to buy from companies that provide relevant offers and recommendations.

Push notifications, recommendations, suggestions, discounts, and special offers are all examples of mobile app personalization. Everything is tailored to the user’s needs to raise awareness, boost in-app purchases, gain higher user retention, and more engagement and conversions.

Use Videos to Captivate Your Audience 

Captivate Your Audience 

Videos can range from app tutorials to content that helps customers learn more about your business, including what you stand for and what problems you solve. Keep the videos short, no more than 60 seconds, and make sure the call to action is clear even if there is no sound.

Create App’s Landing Page

A landing page is an essential part of your mobile app marketing strategy since it allows customers to discover more about your app on both mobile and desktop.

Landing Page

SEO can be utilized to attract new customers. It’s critical to include a visual representation of what customers can expect if they download your app on the landing page. A clear call to action should be included on your landing page, as well as links to your apps in the Google Play Store and App Store. 

However, sharing screenshots of your app’s user experience and showcasing user reviews on landing pages is essential.

Entice Your Target Audience with Promotional Offers

Customers will feel obligated to your brand if they receive items for free or at a reduced price. Don’t you think the same? Promotional offers can entice customers, as when they are given promotional incentives, they are more inclined to purchase. 

Target Audience with Promotional Offers

Though it may appear that you’re losing money, it’s better to create a loyal audience before cross-selling or upselling. 

When you give away promotional offers, you enjoy all of the benefits. They will use your products and services more and eventually tell others about your offers. And it’s more like raising exposure for your app, which is a great way to get more downloads.

Run Contests to Go Viral

Using contests to promote your mobile app business can help you reach new heights. Contests, in addition to generating user-generated content, enable individuals to swiftly answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” 

Contests to Go Viral

Running a contest, especially on social media, serves as a wake-up call for loyal customers to promote your content. People will promote your app on their personal social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, mainly if the contest requires votes. Hence, contests are a terrific way to market your mobile app and give it the kick it needs to go viral.

Contact Influencers to Promote Your App

Promote Your App

49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations.

Why is this so?

People, according to psychology, trust other people more than advertisements. Influencer recommendations provide social evidence to your app’s potential consumers. Hence, influencer marketing is all the rage these days, and it may help you increase downloads and visibility for effective mobile app marketing. 


With so many apps on the market, establishing even a semblance of legitimacy might help drive app purchases. Working with a well-known social media influencer to promote your app helps it appear more trustworthy, reputable, and worthy of a download. As a result, using social media and direct influencers in your app marketing strategy is a smart move.

Summing Up 

Summing Up

Even if you’re an experienced app marketer or have a mobile marketing agency, it’s crucial to remember that app marketing is an entirely new ball game with its own set of players and rules. 

We’ve put up a list of ten tried-and-true mobile app marketing strategies. Hope it aids you in navigating the mobile app marketing landscape.
Let us know your thoughts on strategies for mobile app marketing in the comments below, and stay tuned for more upcoming informative articles!

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