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Tata Tiscon Dealer Lead Generation Campaign


Tata Tiscon is a steel reinforcement bar brand from the Tata Group. The company was facing challenges like losing market due to low distribution reach and penetration, and a lack of motivation and excitement among stakeholders regarding the brand as a whole. 


It was realized that dealers played a critical part in promoting the company’s products including education of end-users. Based on this assessment, the DTC Group of Rajasthan, the sole distributor of Tata Tiscon expressed their desire to generate dealer application enquiry through a targeted social media campaign.



The digital campaign targeted potential Dealers to broaden the distribution and reach of Tata products in remote locations. 

Tata Tiscon dealership enquiry


  • Generate dealership queries
  • Increase business interest and  preference for Tata Tiscon.
  • Facilitate decision-making about selecting the Tata Tiscon dealership as a business choice.
  • Communicate Tata brand USP 

Challenges Addressed

  • Low distribution penetration.
  • Falling sales because of distribution bottlenecks.

Target Areas / Location

The campaign targeted potential dealers in the state of Rajasthan.

Target Audience

Individuals looking for dealership business.


Starting a business is an emotional decision, fraught with stress and tension of the unknown. We wanted to reassure potential dealership enquiries that they were making the right decision.

The ideated campaign slogan and creatives- “Mazboot Business, Mazboot Profit” highlighted aspects like strong business opportunities associated with the Tata brand and subsequently enhanced sales and profitability. Our creatives also spoke on the low cost of starting and running a dealership.

The creatives featured TMT bars as a backdrop of the slogan text, to highlight the credibility and trust of Tata Tiscon as a brand worthy of being associated with and building a business.

The campaign utilized a mix of digital marketing tactics, including targeted online advertising, social media campaigns, content marketing, and leveraging the brand’s app and other digital platforms to engage with the target audiences.

Activities Done

The campaign involved creating engaging digital creatives and visuals featuring relatable characters and messaging to highlight the brand’s value proposition as a business partner for aspiring businessmen. These creatives were promoted across various digital channels to reach the target audiences.

Dealership enquiry creative of Tata Tiscon


The campaign successfully generated substantial reach and impressions across the targeted geographies and audiences, contributing to dealer enquiry lead generation, and stakeholder engagement for Tata Tiscon.

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