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Calshakti Selfie-With-Cow Strategic Digital Marketing Case Study


Livestock is a critical component in the life and livelihood of villagers across the country. Access to the internet and media has infused renewed interest in livestock based business and earning opportunity for the villagers.
The cow is treated as a member of the family and it’s well being is supremely important for a village family unit to survive.
This concern for the health of the Cow is the business opportunity that INTAS wanted to capitalize on through their nutritional feed supplement – CalShakti.

Key Attributes of CalShakti, A Brand Of INTAS

CalShakti is a nutritional liquid feed supplement packed with calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and chelated minerals for promoting the health and growth of the cow. This in turn increases milk production and thus earnings.
CalShakti is manufactured by INTAS PHARMACEUTICALS, a leading name in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.


It was a social media campaign titled “Selfie with Cow Thought” aimed at promoting Calshakti, a brand or initiative related to cows and cattle. The campaign encouraged farmers to upload selfies with their cows, mentioning their unique names on Facebook and tag the Calshakti page.

Based on the highest engagement rate of the posts, 175 Winners were to be selected PAN India and their names announced on the CalShakti facebook page.

Calshakti selfie-with-cow campaign images


The primary objective of the campaign was to increase traffic and organic reach for the Calshakti Facebook page.

Additionally, it aimed to foster a sense of emotional connection and responsibility towards cattle among farmers and cattle owners.

Challenges Addressed

The campaign addressed the growing cruelty and lack of sensitivity towards animals in society.

By engaging farmers and cattle owners with their beloved cattle’s names, the campaign managed to reignite a sense of belongingness and responsibility towards these animals.

Target Areas / Location

It was designed to be a pan-India initiative, covering all major states and regions, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu,
Haryana, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Ranchi, West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, North East, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

Target Audience

The primary target group for this campaign was farmers and cattle owners across India.


We focussed on creating “Pride in Cattle Ownership” to generate a sense of belongingness and empathy for them. This translated into renewed focus on maintaining the health of the Cow, and subsequent TOM Scores for “Calshakti” drove sales and engagement.

Traffic was mainly driven through social media campaigns.

Farmers uploaded selfies with their cows on Facebook and tagged the Calshakti page.
 The campaign team selected the top 10 most engaged posts (likes, comments, shares)
from each state.
. The selected winners were announced on the Calshakti Facebook page and Rewarded.

Calshakti Marketing campaign

Activities Done

  • Created 11 language-specific creative assets (videos/GIFs and static creatives) for the campaign.


  • Developed a campaign management plan, including campaign duration (30 days), paid promotion (first 15 days), and manual report generation (16th to 30th day).


  • Provided bitly links for WhatsApp field force to share the campaign across all 11 languages on Facebook.


  • Managed the entire campaign, from start to end, across all states.
Calshakti Selfie-with-cow rural campaign

Results At A Glance


Average  CPC 



8.34 M


8.34 M



No. of Click




Reach: 8.34 million impressions across various states in India.
Engagement: Over 21,692 clicks were recorded, indicating a significant level of engagement from the target audience.
Cost-Effectiveness: The campaign maintained a cost-effective approach, with an average cost per click (CPC) of ₹3.01.
Click-Through Rate (CTR): The campaign achieved a CTR of 0.26%, which is considered a good performance for social media advertising campaigns.
The “Selfie with Cow” campaign successfully initiated emotional connections between farmers, cattle owners, and their livestock, while promoting compassion and responsibility towards animals. By leveraging social media and engaging the target audience in a creative and inclusive manner, the campaign generated significant reach, engagement, and cost-effectiveness, making it a successful initiative in achieving its objectives.

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