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Foragen Seeds Rural Marketing Campaign


Availability of fresh fodder for Livestock is of utmost importance to rural farmers, engaged in milk production for a livelihood. Natural forage is rich in nutrition, minerals and energy which results in enhanced milk production at 30 to 40% reduced cost.
Foragen Seeds Private Limited is an exclusive forage seed company based in India, thathelps farmers produce larger quantities of forage per acre and feed more cattle with limited space.


Foragen Seeds Pvt Ltd wanted to run a lead generation campaign to promote their products andservices to potential customers in the agriculture sector. The objective was to generate quality leads within a specific time frame across targeted geographical locations by engaging with the target segment.

Foragen Seeds Rural Marketing Initiative


The primary objective of the campaign was lead generation through Facebook advertising. The campaign aimed to reach out to the target audience in the identified regions and drive them to inquire about Foragen Seeds’ products and services, thereby generating leads for the business.

● Increase brand awareness and engagement for Foragen seeds
● Reach out to target audiences in specific districts through targeted promotion
highlighting product USPs..
● Generate leads and inquiries for the products.

Challenges Addressed

● Reaching the right audience: The campaign needed to effectively target farmers,
agriculturists, and individuals interested in fodder products across multiple states and
● Time-bound execution: The campaign had to be executed within a specific timeframe of
30-45 days to achieve the desired growth rates within 45 days.
● Geographical targeting: The campaign had to focus on specific states and districts
known for high milk production, ensuring that the advertising efforts were concentrated
on the most relevant areas.

Target Areas / Location

The campaign targeted the following states and districts:

  • Punjab: All districts
  • Haryana: All districts
  • Uttar Pradesh: All districts in Western UP
  • Gujarat: All districts
  • Madhya Pradesh: Highest milk-producing districts

Target Audience

The target audience for the campaign consisted of farmers, agriculturists, and individuals
involved in or interested in agricultural products and services within the specified geographical


We brainstormed a social media campaign where we highlighted the product benefits such as – Quality, Fresh fodder etc which had a direct bearing on the health of Livestock and milk output.
The creatives used in the campaign highlighted this aspect.

The idea was to generate positive feelings about providing quality, nutritious food to theLivestock, and the pride in doing the same. This improved engagement and sales.
The campaign utilized Facebook as the primary advertising platform. A total of 8 ad
creatives were developed and deployed to capture the attention of the target audience. The campaign leveraged Facebook’s targeting capabilities to reach the desired audience, based on their interests, demographics, and geographical locations.

Activities Done

 Developed 8 ad creatives tailored to the target audience and campaign objectives

 Set up Facebook advertising campaigns with precise targeting parameters

 Monitored and optimized the ad performance regularly

 Analyzed campaign data and insights to refine targeting and messaging




2.72 M



Unique Click


No. of Click

  • Reach: Total reach of 7.34 Lacs users across the targeted districts and states.
  • Impressions: The campaign generated 2.72 million impressions, ensuring widespread visibility
    for the products.
  • Engagement: Garnered 52,674 post engagements, including likes, shares, and clicks,
    indicating a high level of audience interest and interaction.
  • Leads: Generated 2,291 leads thru the campaign.

The campaign successfully reached the target audience and generated leads across multiple states, aligning with the objective of lead generation for Foragen Seeds’ products and services.

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