Why Strategy is Important in Your Digital Marketing Planning?

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Why Strategy is Important in Your Digital Marketing Planning?

Without a digital strategy in place, you don’t have defined goals to drive your business online.

The best deals are online and that’s where the consumers are. In order to grow your business, you need to reach the consumers and the preponderance of digital marketing is making it easier to penetrate the right audience at the right time.

Almost all marketers will agree that most components of a business require some sort of planning or strategy, but when it comes to digital marketing, surprisingly many marketers still don’t see the importance of strategy.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

Simply put, it’s a defined plan that sets a path for you as to when and how you will utilize the many available online platforms to reach your relevant audience to grow your business.

And why is strategy important in your digital marketing planning?

A digital marketing strategy is a primary step in defining effective and optimized marketing activities. Without a strategy in plan, your digital marketing may fall short and eventually fail to achieve the desired results.



A well-prepared strategy and plan can give you a controlled and manageable method to execute your online marketing initiative. Also without a plan, there’s little or no cohesion from one post to another making it an unplanned approach that just doesn’t bring in the desired results.

There’s no doubt that organizations that do not yet have a strategy are also using digital platforms for marketing and getting results for the same and they might have their reasons to not create a strategy, but all said and done, a strategy is important in your digital marketing plan and here’s why.

1. Key to successful marketing

The primary element towards successful marketing is strategy. If you are still not convinced, we have 9 more reasons chalked out.

2. A Documented Strategy Matters

Content Inc. author Joe Pulizzi said: “Marketers who document their strategy are much more likely to accomplish their content marketing goals and be successful.

3. Top Marketers Set Goals

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Without specific goals, it’s harder to know what results you are looking for and it becomes difficult to measure how well you have fared.

4. Strategy Lends Clarity And Direction

It’s essential to know why you are doing what you are doing or the motivation for doing whatever it may be will soon pass.

5. Everybody Is On The Same Page

A documented strategy ensures that there is a vision and a method and everyone on board adheres to it.

6. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

Unless you are out there fighting your ground, you won’t be able to differentiate your business from your competitors.

7. Optimize And Stay Ahead

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A documented strategy is a sure shot way to ensure possible continuous improvements. It will benchmark your marketing activities enabling you to measure the performance at all possible levels.

8. Integrate With Other Channels

A well-planned strategy ensures your campaigns are aligned with other marketing platforms making digital marketing an integrated part of the overall marketing.

9. Assign Digital Marketing The Right Budget

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A strategy outlines where you are lacking in resources to achieve your goals and based on it you can allocate a practical budget to digital marketing.

10. Appeal To Your Target Audience

A strategy can really help you dig deep in finding out ways to encourage customers to engage with your brand, boosting both engagement and sales.

You already know that in this modern business world a huge part of your marketing is going to be digital. But you got to recognize that it is the strategy that will pave the road that leads you to your digital marketing goals.

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