How Conveniently Rural India is Engaging with WhatsApp and Other Social Channels

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How Conveniently Rural India is Engaging with WhatsApp and Other Social Channels

India, with ever-increasing online penetration, already has more than 313 million Facebook users. The amount of Twitter users in our country is around 34+ million recorded in the year 2019. On the other end, YouTube has 265 million monthly active users in the nation, reaching more than 20% of the total population.

As per different reports, around 627 million Indians are active internet users within India. Further, when discussing about social media, we cannot overlook access to Whatsapp, which has reached 400 million Indian users in 2019. So, around 400 million users in India exchange messages on a day to day basis that too in real-time.

Today, social media plays a highly significant role in both knowledge distribution and enabling entertainment. It is, in fact, a tool as influential as the TV with its natural audio and visual access. Hence, from television and word of mouth, now leisure, as well as social awareness, has moved on online platforms.

Why WhatsApp is Internet’s Second Home in our Country

WhatsApp leads India’s digital and social media channels of communication. It is woven so intensely into the nation’s culture that it has progressed beyond being just an instantaneous messaging service.

It is an online platform for customer outreach for small-sized businesses, the principal means of information for many, a social network, a source of knowledge sharing, and entertainment across India. For the foremost time, online users in the nation’s remote and rural regions are connected so seamlessly.

Daily Time Spent on WhatsApp in India

India is a major WhatsApp market across the globe, with ever boosting users. The share of WhatsApp users in rural India has turned two times over the past year in the middle of declining data costs and boost in internet usage. As per different survey results, more than 38 percent of rural India spent between one and two hours utilizing WhatsApp on a day to day basis.

Rural Marketing

The escalation in the share of active WhatsApp users has been aggressive in rural India. So, rural India is catching up quickly with the rise in the overall internet access and swift WhatsApp penetration. Even amongst the lower middle class, around one-fourth of the population are active users of the application.

Observing the WhatsApp demographics by diverse social class, the WhatsApp usage has boosted across the board. While we see high proportions of users among the more productive classes of Indian society, the most momentous rise in usage is coming from those classes that are considered as ‘lower income.’

Knowledge Sharing on WhatsApp

People from diverse walks of living come together and meet on the WhatsApp groups, where all are equivalent to share information. The business and market knowledge sharing groups help people on a consistent basis. For instance, every 2 out of 5 people invest in stocks on a day to day basis, and stock market knowledge sharing groups assist many who require advice or are still learning.

There are many business and market enthusiasts on the WhatsApp platform, and so it is considered a highly useful place for such professionals. Also, the numbers of informative groups where hundreds of common people can share their precious views are mounting on a day to day basis.

Many groups assist common people who have some interest in trending technologies and want to learn more to expand their knowledge and get better on their skills. Many groups help in learning and teaching both in one group.

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Many WhatsApp groups aim to get all sorts of common people to be it rural or urban class ranging from students, farmers, IT working professionals, engineers, designers, artists, and many others. So, here, one can hit any query under the sun to get it solved conveniently.

WhatsApp even plays an essential role in the election campaigns with a host of rural India users who are part of the service. Also, now, political parties have a direct channel of interaction and communication with an enormous percentage of the voter base coming from rural parts of the nation.

The convenience of Entertainment on WhatsApp

For most of the Indians, be it urban or rural class, WhatsApp has become an immense source of entertainment. Be it work, or catching up with colleagues and friends, sharing jokes or participating in conversations all happens on WhatsApp, now even much more than on Facebook or Twitter.  Also, there are dozens of WhatsApp entertainment and movie groups that help with information on the newest blockbusters, movie trailers, stories and hit television series.

Key Takeaways

The statistics indicate a massive surge in rural Indian WhatsApp users, with usage more than doubling-up over a similar period, to reach a level elevated than that at which urban penetration had arisen in the previous years.

As the pricing of mobile data stays low, and smartphones become affordable, rural penetration of WhatsApp and other social media platforms would prolong to boost in the coming time.

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