Meaningful engagement with audience is what marketers look at BTL campaigns

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Meaningful engagement with audience is what marketers look at BTL campaigns

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Why BTL Marketing

What are BTL Campaigns?

Below the Line (BTL) marketing refers to use of new age advertising solutions that are used with the intention of creating a closer relationship with the customers. BTL does not rely on conventional mediums of marketing such as television, radio, print or media, rather it focuses on personalized methods such as door to door, mailers, coupons, rebates, sponsorships, public appearances etc. One of the most important features of Below the Line marketing is that it is one of the most direct and intimate ways of advertising. It develops the delicate bridge between the company and its customers and provides the company with a better understanding of the changing needs and attitudes of its real customers.

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Why BTL Marketing?

We can all reminisce to have been subjected to most of them as a customer. Many of us enjoy various updates about the products that we would like to buy, events that we would like to attend and so on. One look at the chart above and we can relate to the methods and even recall examples,

  • Emails or SMS from e-commerce websites informing you about a sale or offer or an item you must have liked a while back.
  • Brochures handed over to you while you wait at the signal or get out of a mall.
  • People showing up to your house with new and innovative products such as cleaning agents or daily use gadgets.

Why BTL Marketing

These are the most common examples of Below the Line marketing techniques used by companies. Can you spot the similarity between all of the above?


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With the increase in competition, every company is under pressure to keep the loyalty of its customers. The same is not possible just by the traditional marketing, a more familiar tactic is required. A way to converse with the end user and re assure them of quality and commitment of the company. Every company is ready to participate in the negotiations and discount play, companies have to give a more solid reason to the audiences to look beyond these.

Therefore, marketers are always aiming for meaningful engagement with the audience and BTL proves to be the most effective choice for the same. Due to its non- conventional and personalized features it sits perfectly between the company, marketers and its audiences. A direct and strong connection can be established through BTL campaigns as they allow room for differential planning and segmentation. However, BTL campaigns cannot be properly executed without the help of an experienced and committed brand consultant or marketing

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