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Malav Seeds BTL Campaign Case Study


Onions are a cash crop for a large number of farmers in Central India, generating sizeable revenue for them. But challenges in terms of unfavourable climatic conditions, quality of seeds, low yield etc have a major impact on farmers earning, as well as continuity with onion farming.

Malav Seeds, a ISO 9001 Certified Company, is one of the largest onion seeds producers in India, serving farmers in India and abroad.


Malav Seeds wanted us to undertake a BTL campaign to create brand awareness and educate the Target segment on product USP’s.


The primary objectives of the communication strategy were:

● Building awareness about the range of Malav’s onion seeds.
● Explaining the benefits and features of the available seed range.
● Acquainting farmers with the brand through engagement activities.

Challenges Addressed

The campaign aimed to address several challenges, including low awareness about Malav’s seed range, lack of understanding of the benefits and features of their products, and limited engagement with farmers.

Target Areas / Location

The campaign covered 480+ villages across the districts of Ratlam, Neemuch, Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh), and Jhalavar, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Bhilwara, and Kota (Rajasthan).

Target Audience

The primary target group for the campaign was farmers engaged in onion cultivation in the targeted regions.


We focussed on creating engagement through gamification at villages across onion-producing zones to spread brand awareness and explain product USPs. This was aggressively promoted by Van campaigns and posters across the targeted locations.

Product knowledge was imparted through product informative games, in which the villagers participated with a lot of energy. Based on our earlier experience, we were confident of success through this gamification engagement route.

It was a campaign of 25 Days focussing on villages which have good potential and several farmers growing Onions. The intended purpose was to educate the farmers about the range of seeds which Malav have and their unique benefits.

Malav seeds campaign case study

Activities Done

The key activities undertaken during the campaign were:

  • On-ground activations and engagement activities through three vans.


  • Interactive games and sessions to educate farmers about Malav’s seed range.


  • Distribution of freebies (bags) to enhance brand visibility.


  • Data collection through missed call numbers for future communication.


  • Poster application to reinforce brand messaging and product information.





Missed Call Received



5,000 Kgs

Sales Generated approximately

12,000 km

Traveled a total distance of

● Reached out to 9000+ farmers through on-ground activations.
● Covered 480+ villages across Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.
● Traveled a total distance of 12,000 km (double the initially planned 6,000 km).
● Received 770 missed call numbers for future engagement.
● Generated approximately 5,000 kg of sales for the “Pradhan” seed variant.

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