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Savannah Har Ekar Le Jayada Paidawar Digital & BTL Campaign Case Study


Rice is a staple diet for a lot of Indians across the country. Its farming is also the likelihood of farmers spread across the country, which depends to a large extent on seed quality and yield.

The success of a seed marketing company is dependent on its research and development initiatives.

The highly competitive Indian seed industry is dominated by large players like Syngenta seeds, Savannah seeds etc to name a few.


Savannah Seeds, one of the major players in the market is well known for the quality of rice seeds and enjoys considerable market share. They had recently launched two new products- Sava 7301 & Sava 7501 for which they wanted to enhance and drive visibility, fast adoption and sales in two of the most lucrative markets for them –  Punjab & Haryana, the rice bowl of India,  through an integrated campaign- BTL and Digital. 

The slogan branded for the campaign was  “Har Ekar Le Jyada Paidawar”, which loosely translates into getting more production out of a single acre of cultivation.


The brief was to generate awareness about the two product variants, tie it up with the USP-benefit quotient and generate testing, adoption and sales.

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  • The objective was to increase awareness about Sava 7301 & Sava 7501 seed variants.
  • Generate buzz on social media through digital campaigns,  engagement through BTL activities on the ground, and trial booking by convincing the farmers.
  • Sales generation through benefit value promotion.

Challenges Addressed

Awareness, visibility and engagement continuously keep brands’ TOM scores high. The challenge is to generate this on a regular basis. Savannah seeds, though well known in the rice seed space, need to ward off competitors and stay visible. High social media usage provides the opportunity to engage better, and which we pursued.

Target Areas / Location

The campaign targeted the states of Punjab and Haryana.

Target Audience

The primary target audience was farmers in Punjab and Haryana.


We harped on the aspirations of rice farmers, promoting the concept of life and livelihood changing for the better on account of better crop yield. Creatives like “Sapne Pure Huwe ” with the campaign mnemonics 

Kyunki Har Ekar Jyada Paidawar Se Life Badalti Hain”. It loosely translates into Life changes for the better fulfilling your dreams because you get more yield or value out of a single unit of land.

Similar creative copywriting like “Smart Kheti”, “Bhavish mein investment” etc further expanded on the narrative.

The communication process kicked off with a teaser campaign on social media to elicit interest.

At around the same time, the BTL activity was launched with a promotion van moving around the villages engaging villagers with games, followed by gift distribution. The integration was visible with social media creatives featuring real images from the BTL campaign showing farmers’ engagement. Farmers blowing the bugle and proudly proclaiming that his sound was the highest ( measured by an audio meter) generated massive engagement and buzz at the ground level.

Video engagement by promoting reels on Instagram showing gamification, bugle blowing and farmer’s testimonials pushed the needle further into an integrated communication campaign. 

BTL campaign was also promoted using digital to drive traffic towards the van and cover up other set of audiences which are not covered by digital so that traffic can be enhanced

Booking links used on the social media campaigns evoked a feeling of scarcity and the danger of missing out on the product.

Activities Done

Awareness and benefit messaging through gamification engagement was the main thrust of the BTL campaign. The van movement across the villages created a lot of interest and buzz. Farmers participating in the games saw themselves on the social media campaigns evoking a feeling of importance and association with Savannah.

Power Of Gamification

The game’s engagement involved farmers trying to blow the bugle generating the maximum sound, which was measured through the audio meter. Promoters rated them on the highest scores and led them into the next round which involved rotating a board which had the creatives focussed on “ Jyada”  and product usage benefits. Anyone matching the message on the boards was declared the winner and rewarded with gifts. We have found out that this method of product information dissemination through game engagement is highly successful in rural BTL campaigns.

campaign creatives



Video Impressions

2.17 lcs

Video Views

1.36 lcs




Sales Leads


Facebook Impression


The campaign was a massive success in reach and engagement within a short duration, with the product gaining much traction in sales and bookings.

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