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Orient Paper BTL Campaign


Backward integration for raw material sourcing is done keeping the long-term perspective in view. This ensures the quality of input as well as assured supply in the production process. 

Orient Paper, the paper manufacturing company of the CK Birla Group wanted to promote Eucalyptus farming among farmers as a source of raw material for their paper production. To implement this, they roped in ASA who promoted this as part of their agro-forestry scheme across villages.


To manage a 60-day promotional BTL campaign titled “Adopt Panchaj Sutra” and bring prosperity to home and villages,  aimed at reaching out to the target group (farmers/rural populations) in the villages of Madhya Pradesh. It focused on informing the villagers of  Eucalyptus plantation and earning benefits in villages as an intermittent crop.

ASA Orient paper BTL Campaign creatives


  • Generate dealership queries


  • Increase business interest and preference for Tata Tiscon.


  • Facilitate decision-making about selecting the Tata Tiscon dealership as a business choice.


  • Communicate Tata brand USP 

Challenges Addressed

  • Low distribution penetration.
  • Falling sales because of distribution bottlenecks.

Target Areas / Location

The campaign targeted potential dealers in the state of Rajasthan.

Target Audience

Individuals looking for dealership business.


Since this was promoted as a social initiative by ASA, under their agroforestry program, we included the elements of sustainable development and farming, emphasizing the 5 elements of mother nature – Forest, Water, Animals, Land & People.

Messages like “ Vrixhropan Ho Kheti Sang, Toh Ujjwal Ho Bhavish So Ka Rang” which translates into “Tree plantation along with farming makes the future bright” were used to drill down the viability of eucalyptus plantations without affecting the cropping pattern. Benefit details were listed on the van to inform, educate and persuade farmers to take up the plantation of eucalyptus.

The key to the success of the campaign depended on effective cost-and-benefit communication to the targeted farmers. The campaign slogan stressed the high-income potential of Eucalyptus plantations for years to come. The satisfied face of the farmer, used in the creative projected an image of a happy and contended farmer.

We adopted a ground-level, hyper-local approach using a branded van that travelled to different villages. The key activities included:

  • Identifying suitable village locations

  • Direct interaction with farmers/villagers at common gathering spots like choupals, markets, and fields

  • One-on-one interactions to explain the benefits of eucalyptus cultivation

  • Distribution of informative leaflets

  • Generating enquiries and leads from interested farmers

Activities Done

  • Branding of campaign van with visuals and messaging around eucalyptus plantation benefits


  • On-ground activities like one-on-one interactions, and leaflet distribution at villages, choupals, markets, and fields.


  • Engaged with farmers directly to educate, them and address their queries
Orient Papers Campaign creatives



Leads Generated

The campaign successfully generated substantial reach and impressions across the targeted geographies and audiences, contributing to dealer enquiry lead generation, and stakeholder engagement for Tata Tiscon.

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