Savannah Seeds retail visibility enhancement case study

Savannah Seeds Retail Visibility Enhancement Case Study


Seeds are what defines a farmer. His livelihood depends on the success of his crops. But in a hyper-competitive market, every marketer needs to get noticed. 

This can be achieved through engagement at every level, with the retail point being the most critical.


Savannah Seeds wanted to enhance retail visibility in two of the most lucrative markets for them –  Punjab & Haryana, the rice bowl of India,  through a branding campaign. This was a part of the “Har Ekar Le Jada Paidawar” campaign, which loosely translates into getting more production out of a single acre of cultivation.


We were roped in to design appropriate branding for the retail outlets. Various options were discussed and finally, we zeroed in on an Arch Gate at the entrance of retail stores selling Savannah seeds. Two hundred retail outlets were selected, spread across the length and breadth of Punjab & Haryana.


  • The objective was to increase awareness, reach, and engagement for these products, and drive sales by convincing the trade partners (retailers/distributors) to prioritize and promote these seeds.
  • At the consumer end, the campaign sought to attract footfalls and enquiries for Savannah Seeds.

Challenges Addressed

Since visibility is a crucial factor in driving engagement and sales, retail branding will address that challenge.

Target Areas / Location

The campaign targeted farmers and trade partners in Punjab and Haryana.

Target Audience

The primary target audience was farmers in Punjab and Haryana. The secondary target group was trade partners.


We approached the designing process keeping in mind the USP of the campaign, as we wanted to highlight the product USP also in the branding creatives. The campaign slogan was highlighted across the entire upper part of the gate to get instant familiarity with the brand.

The design also incorporated the prime products of the company to create an element of intrigue and get attention. This attention will drive inquisitive farmers, enhancing sales. So a win-win for all.


The creatives were bi-lingual to ensure better connectivity with local farmers.

Gate installed at retail points

Activities Done

Despite tough and challenging logistics, we designed, fabricated and installed 200 plus Retail arch gates across Haryana and Punjab within 10 days. It was a tough assignment, which was a success because of better engagement amongst all the stakeholders. We met the agreed-upon timelines.


Positive post-installation feedback from both the company and the trade partners made the experience worth sharing.

Hindi creative for Savannah gate


  • Gates Installed: 200 +
  • Timelines: 10 days

The campaign generated lot of engagement and footfall at the retail counters.

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