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Gromax Tractor Ownership Campaign Case Study


Tractor ownership is both a necessity and a source of pride for any rural farmer engaged in agriculture. It’s an emotional high whenever a farmer brings home a Tractor – either on hire or outright purchase. The entire family celebrates this joyful event along with the farmer. Therein lies the crux of this significant market opportunity.

Gromax is a leading tractor manufacturer in India, catering to the farming community and agricultural sector. In a highly competitive market, Gromax recognized the need for effective digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, reach, and customer engagement among its target audience, primarily farmers and tractor rental service providers.


Gromax wanted to leverage digital marketing channels, including social media platforms like Facebook, to promote its tractors and generate quality leads. The project involved running targeted advertising campaigns, creating engaging content, and implementing strategies to expand the company’s reach and customer base.


●Increase brand awareness and reach among India’s farmers, drivers, and agriculture-based businesses.

● Expand the catchment area of dealerships to neighbouring regions within and outside the district.
● Generate quality leads with a 10-12% conversion to sales-qualified leads.

● Increase customer engagement through personalized and targeted content.
● Enhance customer lifetime value through continuous engagement.

Challenges Addressed

● Reaching and resonating with the target audience of farmers and tractor rental service providers.

● Expanding the geographic footprint beyond existing dealership locations.
● Generating high-quality leads and improving lead conversion rates.

● Creating content and messaging that resonates with the target audience’s aspirations and needs.

● Building brand loyalty and customer lifetime value through continuous engagement.

Target Areas / Location

The primary focus areas for the digital marketing campaign were the states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Bihar.

Target Audience

  • Farmers who want to buy tractors.


  • Rental tractor drivers providing services like ploughing, planting, and harvesting by giving tractors on rent per hour.


  • Large-scale sugar mills using commercial tractors for haulage operations.


The campaign was developed with the explicit focus of communicating Pride in ownership of a tractor, along with overall improvement in lifestyle.

We wanted to engage at a basic level with the Target audience using content around emotional themes – “#TractorKaraeTarakki” (Tractor Brings Prosperity), “#TractorFamilyHappyFamily” (Tractor for a Happy Family), and “#KiraedariKaNayaDhandha” (Tractor Rental as a New Business).

Another strong message used in the campaign was upgrading from a rental owner to outright ownership, which we promoted through our creatives across the social media platforms.

Activities Done

● Ran targeted Facebook advertising campaigns tailored to specific audience segments in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Bihar.

● Created engaging visual content, including images and videos, that resonated with the target audience’s aspirations and emotions.


● Implemented social media contests, polls, quizzes, and gamification strategies to drive engagement and lead generation.


● Utilized remarketing and retargeting techniques to nurture leads and maintain
continuous engagement with potential customers.


● Collaborated with influencers and leveraged online PR to enhance brand visibility and credibility.











By implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we successfully increased brand awareness, expanded reach, generated quality leads, and fostered high customer engagement among the target audience of farmers, tractor rental service providers, and agriculture-based businesses in the targeted regions.

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