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Orient Paper BTL Strategic Rural Marketing Case Study


Manufacturers have to focus on backward integration with regards to effective raw materials sourcing, keeping the long term perspective in view. This ensures quality of input in the production process.

Orient Paper is a paper manufacturing company that is part of the CK Birla Group. They wanted to promote eucalyptus plantation among farmers as a source of raw material for their paper production.


To manage a 30-day promotional BTL campaign titled “Eucalyptus ke Sath Dono Hath Me Laddu” (Both hands filled with benefits of eucalyptus) aimed at reaching out to the target group (farmers/rural populations) in the markets of Madhya Pradesh and some villages of Chhattisgarh.

Orient Paper


● Target the farmers/rural audience with an impactful communication campaign to generate qualitative leads and future business pipeline.


● Create high brand visibility and buzz for Orient Paper.


● Educate the target group about the benefits and earnings they can generate through eucalyptus plantation as a cash crop.

Challenges Addressed

The campaign addressed the challenge of educating and motivating farmers to take up
eucalyptus cultivation, which can provide them with  an additional income stream while securing a steady supply of raw material for Orient Paper’s business.

Target Areas / Location

The activity covered 135 villages across markets in Madhya Pradesh and some villages in Chhattisgarh.

Target Audience

The primary target group was farmers and rural populations in these regions who could
potentially cultivate eucalyptus.


The key to the success of the campaign depended on effective cost and benefit communication to the targeted farmers. Emphasized on guarantees of produce sale at competitive rates, to gain farmer acceptance to our outreach efforts.

We adopted a ground-level, hyper-local approach using a branded van that traveled to different villages. The key activities included:

● Identifying suitable village locations
● Direct interaction with farmers/villagers at common gathering spots like choupals, markets, fields etc.
● One-on-one interactions to explain the benefits of eucalyptus cultivation
● Distribution of informative leaflets
● Generating enquiries and leads from interested farmers

Orient Paper Case study creatives

Activities Done

● Branding of campaign van with visuals and messaging around eucalyptus plantation benefits.

● On-ground activities like one-on-one interactions, leaflet distribution in villages,
choupals, markets, fields etc.

● Engaged with farmers directly to educate, them and address their queries




2.72 M



Unique Click


No. of Click

The campaign achieved impressive results on key parameters:
● 135 villages covered
● 1,280 leads shared (interested farmers)
● Over 2,500 farmers directly reached/touched
● Estimated potential plant requirement of over 650,000 eucalyptus saplings
Our innovative van activity using locally relevant touchpoints effectively reached and engaged the target rural audience, generating substantial leads for Orient Paper’s business while promoting eucalyptus as a lucrative crop for farmers.

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