Integration of Call Center Is What Marketers Can Look At While Devising BTL or Experiential Marketing Campaign for Better ROI

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Integration of Call Center Is What Marketers Can Look At While Devising BTL or Experiential Marketing Campaign for Better ROI

What is a BTL Marketing

What is a BTL Marketing?

Experiential marketing or Below the Line (BTL) Marketing is a strategy used for advertising wherein advertisers opt for a more eccentric approach over the traditional mediums such as radio, television, film, billboards etc. More personalized selection is made for promotion to create a direct connection to potential buyers. This type of marketing strategy is adopted in order to achieve increased accuracy in the campaign to wow a niche audience. Some BTL campaigning techniques include distribution of brochures or pamphlets to the public, use of stickers or placing banners at the point of sale or strategic public places, organizing road shows etc.

The same is done to reap the following benefits:-

  • A personal connection with the customers.
  • Quantification of leads and appropriate actions can be taken thereof.
  • Flexibility to adapt according to situation and attain efficiency.
  • Unadulterated feedback.

Trending Now- Call Centres

Trending Now- Call Centres

Below the Line (BTL) marketing is all about establishing a one to one relationship with the potential as well as current customers and what better way to do so than striking a conversation with your targeted audience. This can be done best through the telephonic medium for ease and cost benefits.Even though on the first look this sounds extremely tiresome and difficult, the innovative ways of this decade have made this possible too.

The fixer in this situation is outsourcing the BTL campaign to a professional agency willing to put in the time and efforts to undertake the activity of calling potential clients. In this case, the employees of the infamous “Call centers” come to the rescue like knights in shining armor.

The ABC of Call Centres

“A call center  is a centralized office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone”

All in all, a call center is an office where employees are provided with a computer, a telephone with a headset, a call list and the responsibility to call potential leads and promote the product or services. These can be a part of the company or can be outsourced to experts; the perfect example of call center activity to sum it up is telemarketing.

Why should call centers be integrated into Below the Line (BTL) campaigns?

The sudden wave of marketing is inclusive of growth in use Below the Line (BTL) marketing approaches in order to gain a competitive advantage over other brands. The increase in the number of marketers opting for taking the services of a call center has also increased over time, now, telemarketing is used for selling services as basic as postpaid connection or free entry trading accounts. The outturn has even been seen in otherwise conservative avenues such collection of donation by political as well as philanthropic purposes.

The same is because integration of call center with the BTL marketing campaign of the company can lead to better Return on Investment (ROI) as:-

  • Trained Staff

Call center employees are often trained by experts and are capable of handling any situation coming at them during the phone call to protect the integrity of the product or services that they are endorsing.

  • Lower Cost

Using the services of call center results in lower costs then what it would have if the company decided to implement the campaign by itself completely, costs such training and recruitment cost of employees as well as data cost is wiped off the expense board.

  • Availability

Shifts are designed in call centers to provide availability to a global audience and cater to their work hours.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Trained staff and availability clubbed with grievance management can help increase customer satisfaction.

  • Core Business Utility

When call centers are used during BTL marketing campaigns, the focus remains on core
activities making them more effective and efficient.

Therefore, marketers insist on collaborations with call centers for better reach and
effectiveness of the campaign.


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