Customer Experience Design Is a New Term to Learn For Digital Marketers

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Customer Experience Design Is a New Term to Learn For Digital Marketers

With more than 3,424,900,000 people using the internet every day, we now have almost 90% of people who have been using different online mediums to make a purchase or to seek insights. However, if you are a marketer and you keep ignoring the offerings by the technology, then most probably you are dooming your marketing inputs to irrelevance. Business processes that are driven by customer needs are more likely to prosper than an on-going trend because of the ever-changing demands. The customer experience is the ultimate driving factor behind a successful digital transformation and an organization’s cultural shift.

Customer Experience

Understanding the customers and their demands

Customer experience (CX) is that key ingredient of a digital transformation which will decide the overall taste and presentation of your recipe. All client communications, every critical touchpoint, and the interaction journey with the customer are nuts and bolts of the general client encounter. CX is a continuous procedure, developing and advancing each time the client interacts with your association. But, an excellent CX is something that provides good experiences to a customer as an added value. It is basically a cumulative impression of several touchpoints as it excels a company’s customer retention rate by up to 5% and thereby influencing profit from 25% to 90%.

Customer Experience

Defining Personas

Understanding how customers buy, what they buy and what they expect from your brand/offerings is imperative. Finally, knowing what are the stages they go through in order to reach a point where they are comfortable to make a decision on making an association with the brand – all of these aspects, in the end, will decide how you should advertise/offer. In the event that you can characterize personas based on buying journeys of a customer, you have made a decent beginning, however, it all depends on how you follow-up and frame customer empathy map. Content marketing when done right is acog in the wheel; it will define the ultimate CX, provided it provides relevance at every stage. When done right, you are definitely in business!

Customer Experience

Let’s talk Digital

Digital experience platforms are specially designed for organizations that comprehend the importance of breaking down silos and bind the data and various channels in such a way that it can be shared among business units. Some of the common features include business analytics, customer context views, personalization and multichannel support.

Subjects like CX and Digital Customer Experience (DCX) are highly important due to their significance to businesses that get most of their customers from various digital channels. Here, if you fail to offer your customers a very refined and personalized digital experience, then in no time you will witness them abandoning you and finding an alternate service. To sum up, there is no way to survive in today’s competitive digital environment without offering exceptional customer experiences at every step.

The way information dissemination is being done these days, it is clear that DCX is the most important part of CX. Approximately, more than 70% of buyers return to Google at least 2-3 times before selecting one.This simply means that the internet is flooded with businesses providing similar services, however, the buyers prefer the ones providing add-on services and follow-ups.

Using Holistic Customer Data and Information for DCX

The first step to enhance your digital offerings is to offer omnichannel interaction, and the second step is to effortlesslymonitor, measure and analyze using different online tools, so as to grow and evolve your DCX strategy.

Digital Customer Experience is focused on tracking customer behavior at each digital touchpoint. Here, the ultimate goal is to discover different customer patterns in buyer’s behavior and improve their online experiences at a personalized level.

The requisites for buyer’s data are:

  • Contact information.
  • Demographic snapshots.
  • Psychographic data points.
  • Details about personality type or lifestyles.
  • Transactional data.
  • Communications history ofyour brand.
  • Preferences.
  • Responses to your on-going marketing campaigns.
  • Browsing time on your social channels and shares

A DCX platform will centralize the data in a way that each department can have the access as required. This will enable you to work consistently with updated information and holistic insights.

Veterans of digital marketing have said that Customer Experience is all about how he/she navigates to your online presence and finds a close association with the brand.  A technology upgrade can take several months or even years, hence staying up-to-date in the digital era is something of supreme importance,otherwise, you will lag behind in the race. To pursue a digital trend is sometimes risky because by the time you adopt a technological change, it is too late and we already have a new update knocking at our doorstep – this can be in the form of tool update or Google’s newly launched guidelines for digital marketers.

The Digital Customer Experience starts with the core marketing components; it is a cost-effective and a long-term investment. However, strategic online brand development is not a cup of tea for any digital agency.

What your business need is a 360-degree Strategic Digital Marketing Agency!

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