Content Localization with Authentic Flavour Works Well in Rural India

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Content Localization with Authentic Flavour Works Well in Rural India

What is the content localization? Content localization is a cultural translation that not only communicates in the language of your targeted customers but also comprehends to their exclusive interests. This can be done in a few diverse ways, which depends on your objectives through localization, transcreation, and last but not the least translation.

With content localization, you can better adapt to the original content and target a new or fresh target audience with needed changes in content marketing tactics. However, it needs added finesse than translation or transcreation. Content localization further includes altering measurement systems, accumulating, or varying words which can lend a helping hand to a local reader.

We have seen many instances of translations that flawlessly reflect the source language and are right with linguistically speaking. However, they sound entirely unnatural when the altered targeted audiences or prospects consume them.

So you may have to work out a strategy, as a content marketer, to localize your content for easily reaching out your targeted audiences.

Content localization in rural India:

Localized content creation and distribution are becoming a momentous part of rural marketing strategy in India. Localized content can be curated on the basis of the preferences and likes of a precise community living in a particular region. The audience feels like it is specially made for them and this approach can set up a connection with the brand with diverse approaches.Here are some ways you can make your content more localized with an authentic flavour that works precisely for rural audiences across India.

1) Content localization and applied language

Language doesn’t inevitably mean selecting amid English, Hindi,Punjabi or Tamil across India. It is even vital that the curated content in the targeted language should connect seamlessly with the audience. The language also means becoming accustomed to certain spellings and pronunciation of words which are local. This is in-line when you are promoting content to a different audience, which also relates to the differences when campaigning in urban vs. rural areas.This scenario is widely observed in Indian marketplaces.
The technical content should be showcased into layman’s terminology. For instance, the innovative features of a mobile application are more appealing to urban audiences. However, users in rural areas are more interested in what the app is going to do in order to benefit them in their daily usage.

Additionally, it is significant to note that instant translation is not adequate when you target the same messaging created for urban as well as rural areas, especially in India. We utilize metaphors and idioms in our regional cultures that may mean nothing when interpreted into another language. So, language is an integral element of localization, which has to be varied to penetrate into other markets, communities, and areas.

2) Content formatting and design

Designing vibrant website pages, flyers, brochures, and digital media components are a great way to distribute content among different users. However, you need to take care and consider all audience groups while creating localized content. For instance, the way a user will scan a content marketing campaign will differ depending on diverse criteria. The involved criteria will include his geographic and demographic profile with dissimilar languages, food habits, unlike culture and religion. So you need to design your content accordingly, which can go a long way with your targeted readers.

3) Cultural sensitivity in content marketing campaigns

You require finding out the targeted buyer persona, which includes cultural sensitivity for strategizing your digital marketing campaigns. Further, the readability of your content is directly or indirectly connected with the different visual elements, design, and colors used to showcase content. Depending on the culture, diverse content marketing campaigns convey different implications. Content localization with authentic flavour comes with high-end research in other cultures. Content marketers also require being attentive to other cultural disparities, such as religious beliefs, traditions, and lifestyle.

Rural Marketing

Leading food chain Dominos right from its penetration in rural markets of India has worked hard on creating creative content that is both globalized and responsive to local cultures. J. Patrick Doyle, the chain’s CEO, stated in the Economic Times that localization is the rationale for Domino’s success in different regions of India.

After Domino’s massive success in the different markets, Burger King, recently publicized that it will open stores and even target rural areas of India through content localization.

Key Takeaways

So, you need to figure out the buyer persona and strategize your content marketing campaigns. Does your company localize its content for a broader audience? If so, we will like to hear from you in the comment section! If you are looking for some expertise or assistance in digital marketing with content localization connect with us, and we will ensure to augment your brand presence.

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