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HIL Aerocon Panel Video Marketing Campaign


Part of the $2.9 Billion conglomerate CK Birla Group, HIL Limited offers comprehensive building material solutions. The company has 6 major brands- Charminar, Charminar Fortune, Birla Aerocon, Birla HIL, and a German flooring brand, Parador and Topline, a popular pipes and fittings brand in Eastern India.

Aerocon Panels are lightweight dry-wall construction panels that have been extensively used in partition walls, fabricated structures, and various other applications by architects and builders.


As a part of driving engagement and brand awareness,  Birla Aerocon wanted to deploy a digital marketing campaign featuring 30-second and 60-second video ads aimed at enhancing brand visibility, product awareness and engagement.


  •  Increase brand awareness and visibility among target audiences.
  • Drive engagement and interaction with the video content.
  • Build credibility for the product.
  • Optimize cost efficiency while maximizing reach and views.

Challenges Addressed

Since product and brand awareness are a crucial factor in driving engagement and sales, a video campaign demonstrating product benefits and details addressed the challenge.

Target Areas / Location

The campaign strategically targeted specific demographics across key regions including Delhi NCR, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP, Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujrat, MP  and Telangana.

Target Audience

The primary target audience was building contractors, architects, commercial developers, educational institutes, and healthcare professionals.


We leveraged YouTube’s vast audience of around 10 billion to maximize reach and ensured optimum visibility by optimizing video content for mobile phones, computers, tablets, and TV screens. Aerocon focused on creating engaging video content that resonates with each demographic segment’s interests and needs, driving meaningful interactions and fostering brand affinity.

Our optimizing strategy stressed reaching a diverse set of audiences, including a mix of direct users and specifiers. We targeted specifiers like architects and structural and infrastructure management consultants who hold a position of trust and credibility. They are the ones who determine the adoption of non-traditional building materials by large-volume users.

Since architects play a significant role in any major construction project, they have a considerable say in materials, and convincing them is tough.  They value their knowledge, and any new product has to pass through their robust and critical analysis.

We understood their persona and realized that their peers’ recommendations would be highly valued. Since the videos featured testimonials from successful and reputed architects, talking about the product features and their satisfaction made mass acceptance from other architects easier. This was reflected in the campaign’s whopping video views at very low costs.

Panels from Aerocon

Activities Done

We optimized for different sub-segments within the more significant demographics for view effectiveness. Constant evaluation of ad effectiveness and fast implementation of tweaks on targeting helped us deliver results beyond their expectations.





Engagement Rates

Despite the short duration of the campaign ( 18 days ), we achieved significant milestones and delivered numbers that exceeded expectations:

  • Impressive View Counts: The campaign generated a total of 6,95,694 views, surpassing the initial target of 4,50,000 views by a substantial margin, indicating strong audience interest and engagement.
  • High Engagement Rates: The campaign witnessed robust interaction rates, with an average engagement rate of 38.07%, highlighting the compelling nature of Aerocon’s video content and its resonance with the target audience.

Aerocon’s video ad campaign shows how effective targeted digital marketing can increase brand awareness and engagement. By carefully choosing platforms and audiences, we enabled Aerocon to exceed its campaign goals.

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