Start-Ups Should Have a Perfect “Go-To-Market Strategy”

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Start-Ups Should Have a Perfect “Go-To-Market Strategy”


Start-ups are all the rage these days.The young entrepreneurs showing up in the hemisphere with mind-blowing ideas.With the Go Market Strategy entrepreneurs  take the venture to new heights.

India is currently ranked third, close below China in the number of start-ups that was born in the country. While the praises are flowing in and the market is reacting positively to the trend with increased investment, there remains a tiny hole in the umbrella.

The missing link

The missing link

Most of the start-ups are currently operating on a B2C (Business to Customer) basis and facing various challenges in the process, such as:-

  • The advent of the copycat culture i.e. similar businesses coming up in a short span of launching.
  • Impact of extremely restricted marketing budgets and lack of supportive distribution strategy.
  • Unpreparedness to combat the market’s rejoinder.

Let us see the case of Handspike, later rebranded as Done by None; an online marketplace dedicated to women apparel and accessories. The company raised funding of $2 million from SeedFund back in 2012. Soon after, it had carved a niche audience for itself but just when things started going right, they winded up. In December of 2014, the company posted a cryptic goodbye message and went offline.

On further probing, it was concluded that the founders were not prepared to handle the demand for the products or justify the pricing of the same. People were shocked to see the demise of the label but it sure made for a valuable lesson.


But as John Wooden has brilliants put, “It is always by focusing not on the mistakes but the lessons learned from them.”

The Outtake

The Outtake

What if we told you that the solution to all the above can be summed up in 4 words-

Go-To-Market Strategy

A comprehensive guide for start-ups to enable them to create a strategy that correlates your product to the market and essentially to potential customers.

Go-To Market Strategy

In simpler words, it is a recipe that lists out all the ingredients as well as their substitutes with the address of shops nearby that are selling them. Further, it explains the process of cooking the dish detailing every step. To go ahead, also of decorating and garnishing it     make it attractive to the eyes. The special additions are ways to check the goodness of the taste and improvements if needed.

A GTM can be considered a recipe for a successful business.

Through a GTM, a start-up answers the following questions:-


Why are the answers important?


These dynamic strategies ensure higher productivity and encourage better results that a start-up needs. Another reason why a start-up should have a go-to-market strategy is that it provides the entrepreneur a look at how it really will be. A simple idea is converted into an operational business through a perfect GTM strategy.

Concept image of the six most common questions and answers on a signpost.

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