How to Perform Competitor Analysis in Digital Marketing

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Competitor Analysis in Digital Marketing

How to Perform Competitor Analysis in Digital Marketing

What if you can gather detailed information on potential and existing competitors? 

Competitor Analysis is like getting into the shoes of competitors to gather all the information. You’re on a crucial path to gaining a competitive advantage, but this requires the collection of conclusions and then implementation for the final aspect of Competitor Analysis.

If you seek to do Competitor Analysis, you have to pick the right key points to do competitor analysis in digital marketing. But before we move ahead to understand how to do competitor analysis, let’s have a quick glance at what is Competitor Analysis.

What is Competitor Analysis in Digital Marketing?

What is Competitor Analysis in Digital Marketing

Competitor analysis is an ongoing process that encompasses the identification of existing and potential competitors where market competitors undertake the concept of ongoing monitoring of actions in all pivotal aspects of their digital strategy.

The objective of competition analysis is to gather broad information of competitors, present conclusions, and eventually incorporate obtained results into winning competitive advantage. 

How to Conduct Competitor Analysis in Digital Marketing 

When conducting a competitive analysis, there are precise steps to follow. This isn’t just a case of researching the competition and devising a new digital strategy; it’s a far more involved process with numerous components. So now it’s time to unravel the key points of doing competitor analysis in digital marketing. So below are the essential steps to conduct competitor analysis :

Classify your competitors 

During your research, you will come across multiple businesses selling the same products or similar products with the same or different solutions. Still, when it comes to competitors’ classification, what is the first type of competitor that strikes your mind? It’s the Direct Competitor, as they are selling/ providing the same products/services as you. Hence, from a strategic point of view, paying direct attention to the immediate competitors will be the best approach.

Classify your competitors

Nevertheless, you should not overlook the indirect competitors just because they don’t serve the same geographical areas, provide the same solution, sell slightly different products at the same price point, and most importantly, don’t stand as an immediate risk to your business because these indirect competitors can be an inspiration for you to plan a strategy based on your business objectives.

Cover the Basics of Competitors

Basics of competitors should be covered in a simple yet effective way, to begin with listing the names of direct competitors, followed by mentioning the product information and the price structure. So, where will you get this data from? You can browse their websites and comprehend the plan and principles involved in their journey.

Cover the Basics of Competitors

Hence, the overall process makes sure you write every specification for a final price check and content review. So how you will distinguish the competitors depends totally on how you research and classify, followed by the thorough competitor analysis to implement in digital marketing strategy.

Go Technically Deep

Statistics and performance come to play when you dig deeper and unfold the quantitative measure that results in you directly comparing your statistics. But what to measure depends entirely on the type of business you’ve. This may involve analyzing the competitor’s website, content, and SEO structure altogether or even one or the other aspect you’re primarily focused on. 

Go Technically Deep

What you have to do is ultimately create numerous graphs showcasing the findings obtained during all the stages. Most importantly, it’s totally up to you how you graphically communicate this information for your strategic approach.

Learn About Your Competitors’ Most Successful Marketing Campaigns

Another aspect of competitor analysis in digital marketing that never changes is your competitors’ top offers/products and marketing efforts. So, are you ready before your competitors for digital marketing?

Learn About Your Competitors' Most Successful Marketing Campaigns

If yes, any time you find your competitor doing great and becoming more successful, you can determine which of your competitors’ offers and campaigns are the most popular and the strategies applied to make it work. You can use this analysis in a unique way for an effective digital marketing campaign journey.

Ask customers 

Market research is an excellent technique to learn about a customer’s view of multiple brands. You can ask regular customers why they prefer your product over that of your competitors.

Ask customers 

This feedback may provide you with some crucial first-hand guidance. Also, on the other hand, you can ask your competitors’ customers how they find their same products good compared to you.

Form A SWOT Analysis

The technique of identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is known as SWOT analysis. You may also use the data you already have to analyze your competition using this straightforward analytical approach.

Form A SWOT Analysis

This one-page analysis is a terrific resource to share with your entire team once you’ve contextualized the data you’ve obtained. While some members may not require a detailed understanding of your customer’s policies, pricing, or search positioning, they will value the overview and perform better as a result.

Don’t Miss Out On Your Exponential Growth

Don't Miss Out On Your Exponential Growth

Understanding how competitors deal with market conditions is critical for building the groundwork for any new business venture, product launch, or strategic decision. Businesses can use quantitative and qualitative data from a well-executed competitive study to support their business decisions. So, therefore, it becomes crucial to understand the importance of competitor analysis and how to do competitor analysis in digital marketing. 

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