Everything You Need to Know About Buyer Persona in Digital Marketing

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Buyer Persona in Digital Marketing

Everything You Need to Know About Buyer Persona in Digital Marketing

No business owner or marketer wants their money, time, and efforts to be squandered due to haphazard digital marketing methods that produce subpar quarterly financial results. So, how about you? Are you familiar with your customers, or are you shooting in the dark? You may be surprised to learn that your current customers are not always your ideal customers. What’s the deal here? This is because of the buyer persona in digital marketing.

What Is Buyer persona in digital marketing?

What Is Buyer persona in digital marketing

A buyer persona is the snapshot of your ideal customer’s whereabouts. These personas assist you in fine-tuning your digital marketing efforts to connect with your target audience and address their needs with the appropriate mix of solutions. A buyer persona is typically developed based on extensive research. It includes characteristics of an ideal consumer, such as issues they face and unique factors that influence and define their purchasing behavior.

Why do you Need a Buyer Persona in Digital Marketing?

It helps define the target audience

It helps define the target audience

Do you notice that your digital marketing is attracting unsuitable customers instead of ideal ones? If so, it’s because you haven’t tailored your message to a specific ideal potential customer. As a result, the essential aspect of creating buyer personas in digital marketing is that they force you to identify your target market to tailor your marketing materials to your ideal customer by defining your target customer.

It saves both your time and money

It saves both your time and money

Assume you started a digital marketing campaign that spoke to too many people and delivered a broad message with no specific goal in mind. Will it hit the target? Never. Because a campaign targeted with a specific goal is far more effective than the one targeted haphazardly, which results in both a waste of time and money because if you discover your campaign isn’t performing, you’ll make changes, and both will be wasted. However, with buyer personas in digital marketing campaigns, you will create specific targeted campaigns to deliver messages only to specific people, which will be more effective and reduce waste of both time and money.

Builds strong bond with customers

Builds strong bond with customers in digital marketing

Your capacity to connect with customers and develop trust is at the heart of any successful digital marketing strategy. Isn’t it? After all, that trust will make you stand out from the crowd, making creating high-quality, helpful content for your target audience obvious as it aids in the development of new client relationships. Personas let you produce marketing materials that are more relatable to your ideal clientele. Whether you have two or twenty, having a laser-like focus on your customer personas can help you develop a better, more effective digital marketing strategy.

Improves discovery and targeting

digital marketing improves discovery and targeting

Digital marketing involves channels like social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and many more. Personas aid in discovering insights regarding the channel behavior of your target audience. What are they talking about, and where are they talking? Now, if you aim to reach your target audience with buyer personas, assist you in fine-tuning and focusing your content so that it is strategically positioned to reach consumers who are most likely to be interested. Buyer Personas in digital marketing provide helpful information that may be used to target the correct audience at the right moment with relevant messages. Market research, targeted advertising, usability testing, and keyword research are all made more accessible with them.


How to create a buyer persona in digital marketing?

Ample Research

Research, Research, and Research! Does any marketing effort make sense without research? No, because aimlessly shooting arrows won’t hit the target, and you are most likely to fail even if you have the fantastic innovative ideas to reach and deliver. So, researching your audience before any digital marketing strategy is a must that should never be avoided.

Ample Research

Buyer personas in digital marketing were mainly categorized based on demographic data until a few decades ago. It specifically mentioned gender, age range, income, weather, location, and purchasing capacity. However, with the introduction of various product versions in recent years, marketing methods have channelled a buyer’s persona into increasingly precise divisions.

Let’s understand the other distribution with examples.

Behavioural segmentation 
It refers to a personas behaviour when it comes to a specific product. For instance, if the item is a boy’s shoes, how frequently does he use them? What does he do with one? How often does he prefer to switch things up? Is it sports shoes, branded shoes, or trekking shoes that he prefers?
It’s about the psychological makeup of the audience you’re trying to sell to. Example: If you’re selling tractors, you’ll need to know which tractors customers prefer and who they belong to. Such segmentation allows you to create groups of buyers that share similar features. 
Attitudinal segmentation
Attitude segmentation considers a customer’s inner motivation to how they feel about a specific product category. For example, suppose you’re marketing your newly opened coaching institute. In that case, it will be based on whether the students prefer online coaching or offline or hybrid for this research about the sources students go through, watch or listen to be considered. 

Your extensive research includes age, location, language, interests, pain points, challenges, habits, attitudes, behaviours, etc. The best place to find all these details is google analytics and social media through Instagram analytics, Twitter analytics, Facebook Demographics. Also, instead of assuming asking your audience is the best approach to gain audience insights into where they are struggling? What do they want? This will clear the picture of your target audience, and be it multiple buyer personas, you’ll be able to apply digital marketing effectively and provide them excellent customer experience.

Answer the few major Questions

Answer the few major questions of digital marketing
  • Who are your potential customers? Determine who your product would be most beneficial to.
  • What are the benefits of your product to your customers? Describe how it helps them.
  • How do the advantages of your product exceed the competitors in terms of meeting their demands? 
  • Where are your customers?  Determine their location and the store where they will purchase your product.
  • What does their purchasing strategy entail? 
  • How will customers buy your stuff? 
  • When are your customers most likely to buy your product? Describe the events in their lives or work that influenced them to buy.

When you have all these answers, add them to your buyers’ personas to create a buyer persona in digital marketing.

You’ve collected information, conducted interviews, and conducted research. So, what’s next? Now it’s time to delve into that data and look for trends in the responses. After you’ve combed through all of this customer data, strive to create one central persona. Give your potential buyer persona a name, a job title, a place to live, and other distinguishing features. After all, you want your persona to come out as genuine.

Create One Major Persona

Create One Major Persona

Here’s an overview of what to include in your detailed buyer persona in digital marketing- 

Name – 

Demographics and Background
Family size

Personality –


Identifiers –

Communication preferences 
Social media preferences
Device Preferences


Main goal/secondary goal
Primary challenge/Secondary challenge

What can we do?

Think how you’d describe or promote your product or service to this person.
To help them overcome their challenges to help them achieve what they want

Why wouldn’t they buy your product/service?

Fear of making the wrong choice
Too many choices
Don’t need what you’re selling
Product/service doesn’t meet their needs

Be sure to express who each persona is now and who they desire to be when developing your buyer personas. This allows you to begin considering how your products and services may assist them in achieving their goals.


Buyer personas are dynamic documents, not static ones. They change as you get more experience and learn more about your consumers. So, while it’s not rocket science, it’s a lengthy process that requires patience and the willingness to learn new things along the way. Therefore, understanding the multifaceted nature of your audience is critical to set yourself apart from your competition. 

Written by – Kirti

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