A well-crafted communication can better explain complex agriculture products to farmers

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A well-crafted communication can better explain complex agriculture products to farmers


It has always been a daunting task for most of the marketers to communicate rightly about its product features and merits to its target audiences especially in rural India owing to low literacy level. Things become complex for agri input companies majorly as their targets are farmers and communicating to them for their products having complex names just like medicines in pharma industry where there is a norm of having brand names with the amalgamation of chemicals used in the product. Now there are 2 things to simplify, one is its name itself which marketer wants farmers to memorize it and secondly, its merits which are advantageous to farmers eventually should get the meaning and communication as-it-is intended by company.

We shall not get into the nomenclature of products as what thinking goes in framing these complex names for the TG who don’t understand it at all, rather we would focus here how a well-crafted communication can still help these complex products to sell in the rural market and get the pulling effect.

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I would quote an example of recently done rural campaign of one onion seed company. They wanted to conduct a rural reach out program for their onion seed which was not actually being perceived as a player in highly cluttered market despite its seniority of 40 years. Our team took this as a challenge and coined a campaign naming ‘Pyajkepyajaurchhilkokebhidaam’ which looks absurd on prima facie but when you dig out, get the understanding of its benefits exponentially high against input cost.

This campaign by name itself connotes the advantages to farmers before actually explaining it with a proper context by its salesmen. You can further ease out by taking an explainer video explaining the campaign, its product and advantages to farmers in a much better way which actually doesn’t happen by your own sales team due to communication gap and in-adequate training or briefing.

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Moreover, at retail counters also the same video can go and take the retailers on the same page in understanding of campaign and its products to better explain to the farmers walking down at his outlet. A life size cutout can come at retailer counter itself with the name and its salient features which can draw the attention of customers coming in for getting first hand information about product. Now it has become easy for any farmer to get the idea quickly by seeing at the displayed cutout itself which has generated lot of curiosity to ask further the retail about it and since the retailer already explained and oriented explains the farmer effortlessly.

It’s always preferred to localize the content taking local feel, touch and flavor to connect rightly with its audience in a much simpler and highly memorable way. Efforts should always be made to add key take-aways attached to the campaign name with some spice of curiosity.

We shall continue the journey with another blog with some interesting and connecting topic on Strategic Rural Marketing next time.

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