How Long Term Association Is Required For Digital Marketing Execution

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How Long Term Association Is Required For Digital Marketing Execution

When it comes to a long-term digital marketing plan, there are many nuances to con­sider. Firstly, you will have to make the definition of Social ROI based on how you are generating the sales leads. Usually, the marketers worldwide define social ROI as a mea­sure of effi­cacy of their paid mar­ket­ing on social media. This is measured by soft metrics per­tain­ing to increase the reach and create brand-customer engage­ments. On the other hand, measuring the hard ­metrics includes the offline sales and promotions across all mar­ket­ing channels. These metrics are short-term, long-term or a mix of both.

Short-term and long-term marketing plans are both critical in producing sales. While some believe that short-term marketing efforts are more effective, others debate on the benefits of long-term strategies. However,in order to attain the desired results,a blend of both types of marketing must be practiced. As a marketer, if you want to have a consistent sales cycle for a longer period of time, you must look beyond sudden sales spikes and rather focus on digitally led turnovers.

What are these short-term and long-term digital marketing inputs?


These long-term digital marketing basics can help companies reach the maximum market penetration. Want to know how? Read on

Be Social

Don’t be Solo, Be Social

Online networking is very often utilized as a part of a customary way. Out of the topmost worldwide brands, 19 of them display a separated choice of posts on Facebook timeline, which is based on the reader’s choice. However, there is still a world full of opportunities left for businesses to explore and holistically engage their hyper-connected customers on numerous social media platforms available today.

Make customized Payments

As a marketer, you must pay only for what you are getting in return, and reap maximum benefits from the web that offers a lot without investing much. Realize what you are going to get out of your digital efforts and how your approach differentiates from your competitors. In simpler words, start paying heed towards pay-for-results rather than pay-for-action.

Digital Workplace

Organize your Digital Workplace

Marketing reflects on everything.Digital marketing is super fast as it can be integrated not just with the brand objectives, but also with the after sales process and loyalty strategies. It is directly linked to your ideal customer and his personas. The interactions you make online will decide your business worth. Organized Digital Marketing can provide you clear accountability along with reliable decision-making rights and of course budget ownership, across all platforms.

Having a Widespread Expertise

More than half of the companies look forward to hiring digital marketing consultants on a long-term basis. This means, digital marketing is not a short-termband-aid on the wound,rather it is a medication which will heal the wound slowly, over a period of time. An efficient marketer considers looking forward to having a widespread expertise over a longer period over and above the short-term digital implementations.

Create a one-on-one dialog between your brand and its customers

With a long-term digital plan, you can outline your customers’ expectations and unique habits and thereby turn the digital footprints into personalized interactions.

Let us check out some interesting facts and figures:
  • Almost 60% of marketers in the world’s most leading industries believe that their digital marketing is not well-integrated with their existing traditional marketing efforts.
  • Almost half of these industrialists are unaware of how their digital marketing is working. For them, it is hard to measure the performance metrics on digital platforms as the analytics doesn’t always provide accurate information.
  • 45% are unaware of their competitor approach on digital media.They somewhat agree that their marketing efforts are dysfunctional and they need a marketing revolution.



Adopting the best SEO tactics, publishing awesome content or doing social media campaigns – everything is a long-term play for reaching the target audience. Just building a ‘base’ with content is not really enough. Google and other popular engines will believe your business exists only when your website (or pages) are already there, are updated with time and regularly shares what customers want right then.

The good news is that over the weeks, months and years, there will be an increase in the digital footprint and people will find you, visit your pages and spend time on them. Of course, needless to mention, ones that best match with your buyer persona will then definitely convert into leads, and eventually customers.

Experimentation with your Digital Marketing approach is a must, however, you must do it with discipline. If your business doesn’t have the required expertise in doing so, then it is recommended to hire a strategic digital marketing agency who will help your brand to establish clear expectations about where to pinpoint the right investment.

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