How Targeting ‘Millennial’ Is Strategic For Any Marketer

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How Targeting ‘Millennial’ Is Strategic For Any Marketer

With the ever-increasing acceptance of digital media among the people worldwide, more and more organizations are accepting digital marketing leaving behind the traditional marketing mediums. Here in this blog, we will discuss various strategies that are adopted by marketers across the globe to address the millennial population. The driving force behind any organization that has chosen digital media as a marketing platform is the soaring number of millennial generation. The social networking and interactive technologies have become a playground for the millennial to read, share, learn and practice.

Since word of mouth is the one extremely effective mode of brand promotion all over, the marketers must know how to engage these vocal customers i.e. millennial using various digital channels.They are the people who help a marketer in establishing a brand presence over the web. The young guns are digital natives who want services that are foolproof in all aspects.They are ready to jump on the bandwagon once you are able to connect and communicate. Here, creating a communication model that interacts well with the millennial crowd is the crack.

Digital Customer

Mastering the Art of Digital Customer Experiences

Nailing the customer experience requires a lot more than just customer service and social media promotions.It requires a strategic approach to redefining a delightful customer experience. Digital marketing for millennial is a perfect blend of design, content, and support. As a successful marketer, you need to align your digital acts together in order to attract and retain a customer.

To be honest, this generation is adaptive and they embrace changes within days and continue along the path unless they find something better yet simple. You need to keep pace with the ongoing trends and understand a few basics:


Millennials know everything, you can’t hide anything!

The buyer’s perspective is entirely different than marketers; they perhaps know more about their preferences than you might do. The savvy shoppers will aggressively find the best deal after reading the reviews, descriptions, and smoothness of digital navigation. Their decisions rely more on peer reviews than your claims, hence social listening plays a very important role.

Millennials want more than just products

The purchase decision of a customer is dependent on varied factors like values, emotions and more. The present-day marketers must realize that the millennials are the masters of social movements. This gives you a room to kick-start your own social media campaigns and make it viral. If they are able to connect with the millennial audience as expected, then it’s a win-win situation for you. Other aspects like e-receipts, online transactions, less paperwork and your organizational structure contribute a lot of in shaping their purchase habits.


They Want Authenticity

Unlike the baby boomer generation, the trust is built through observance and associations with millennials – they are very skeptical of businesses. You as a marketer must rely on user-generated content more than brand generated. Only then will your customers develop a relationship with the brand and choose to shop with you. For this, you will have to personalize your communication and design strategy, thereby making sure that your brand voice is shining throughout your digital efforts.

What does Millennial population prefer?

Videos, NOT lengthy text

Customers today don’t want to read about the brand, they would rather see it. Where do you find the youth these days?

They are natives of social media – Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. All these platforms are very specific for video sharing, making it a hotspot to reach out to the millennial crowd. Videos will gradually increase brand awareness and engagement by allowing the customers to be a part of the brand.

Snapchat and Instagram

Snapchat and Instagram, NOT Facebook and Twitter

Gone are the days when people used to update status messages and share photographs on Facebook. Now there are platforms like Instagram and Snapchat that enable sharing photographs and uploading daily stories in the form of images or videos along with status. You will find the majority of millennial spending time on these platforms and not on channels like Facebook, they being overcrowded by digital-savvy, elderly people.

The idea is – one quick glance and the message is conveyed. Instagram supports text along with hashtags and images, making it much more simplified and easy, along with some uncommon features like its visual-only feed that supports video facility and story sharing. These platforms can help marketers to increase revenues without making a hole in their pockets.

Nobody likes pushy advertisements in their email. People tend to skip and block irrelevant content that doesn’t interest them. A marketer should be creative and innovative enough to deliver impeccable digital experiences. Social media marketing is the next big thing where you can post as much as you want and get your brand flashed before the millennial, in a desired fashion.

Once you are submerged in digital media, you will realize that Millennials are attuned to your offerings.

For more information, contact strategic digital marketing experts who have a deep understanding of turning around digital technology around your brand.

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