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Why Website Design?

As the digital work develops and intensifies, the significance of a website is becoming known to people. It can be summarized as a page on the World Wide Web where information regarding your company can be displayed for the avid internet users to see and a channel of communication through which they can interact with your company. It has slowly turned into a necessity rather than an additional benefit to impress your customers.

However, there is still a business that wonders if they need to adhere by this new commandment, they might pull up the resources to create a stand portal but refuse to understand the significance of its design. The question about requirement arises in their mind very often but the fact that a website provides certain benefits to all kinds of businesses makes it so productive. In the age of digital marketing, website designing acts like a good conditioner to your favorite shampoo aka digital marketing.

Why though? How does an amazing website design give your brand the shine that a conditioner gives to your hair?

Brand Visibility

Brand Visibility

Numbers may not give a very clear picture but they tell you what you need to know and as per recent reporting, there are 3.17 billion internet users in the world. Creation of a well- designed webpage ensures maximum reach in a very cost-effective way increasing your brand visibility.

Search Optimization to attract potential customers

Around 85% of B2B customers use the internet to search and frame their buying decision. Simply speaking having websites increases the chance of putting you on the radar of these customers and its design ensures that they are attracted towards your company.


Improvement in volume of loyal customers

How can you define the true success of a brand, if not by using a financial parameter? The easiest answer is the level of satisfaction of its customers. A well-designed website creates a more user-friendly and personal experience for the customers which makes them wants to keep coming back. Retention of such customers creates a cushion of loyalty for the brand.

Improvement in credibility

Having to face the critics is an integral part of any business and when it enters into the virtual world of digital marketing, the factors affecting such judgment changes. 75% of users admit that they have based their assessment of the credibility of the company on the website design while 94% agreed to have based their first impression on the same. Thus the connection of a well- designed website to the improvement in credibility is established.


Increase in sales

If all the above benefits took different paths, they will have the same end result- Increase in Revenue. Better brand visibility and reach solve the market share issue while improvement in credibility means better lead generation. All in all, these efforts lead to one goal, the primary goal of profit making.

Unfortunately, these benefits are not available to every company. A good design, palpable structure, strong back-end support, engaging content and creative conceptualization are required to read them.

We, at Ascent, understand this and thus provide these services through our “Good to Go Offering”. Contact us to get a taste of the finest quality website revamp and maintenance and be a part of the revolution.

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